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Fri Jun 6 11:43:48 IST 2008

Hi, Here's a big call: Please, pass this along!

Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 2 — Call for Work

The Electronic Literature Organization seeks submissions for the
Electronic Literature Collection, volume 2. We invite the submission
of literary works that take advantage of the capabilities and contexts
provided by the computer. Works will be accepted from June 1 to
September 30, 2008. Up to three works per author will be considered;
previously published works will be considered.

The Electronic Literature Collection is a biannual publication of
current and older electronic literature in a form suitable for
individual, public library, and classroom use. Volume 1, presently
available both online (http://collection.eliterature.org) and as a
packaged, cross-platform CD-ROM, has been used in dozens of courses at
universities in the United States and internationally, and has been
widely reviewed in the United States and Europe. It is also available
as a CD-ROM insert with N. Katherine Hayles' full-length study,
Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary (University of
Notre Dame Press, 2008).

Volume 2, comprising approximately 50 works, will likewise be
available online, and as a cross-platform DVD in a case appropriate
for library processing, marking, and distribution. The contents of the
Collection are offered under a Creative Commons license so that
libraries and educational institutions will be allowed to duplicate
and install works and individuals will be free to share the disc with

The editorial collective for the second volume of the Electronic
Literature Collection, to be published in 2009, is Laura Borràs
Castanyer, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley and Brian Kim Stefans. This
collective will review the submitted work and select pieces for the

Literary quality will be the chief criterion for selection of works.
Other aspects considered will include innovative use of electronic
techniques, quality and navigability of interface, and adequate
representation of the diverse forms of electronic literature in the
collection as a whole. For volume 2, we are considering works of
electronic literature in video.

Works submitted should function on both Macintosh OS X (10.5) and
Windows Vista. Works should function without requiring users to
purchase or install additional software. Submissions may require
software that is typically pre-installed on contemporary computers,
such as a web browser, and are allowed to use the current versions of
the most common plugins.

To have a work considered, all the authors of the work must agree that
if their work is published in the Collection, they will license it
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0
License, which will permit others to copy and freely redistribute the
work, provided the work is attributed to its authors, that it is
redistributed non-commercially, and that it is not used in the
creation of derivative works. No other limitation is made regarding
the author's use of any work submitted or accepted.

To submit a work, prepare a plain text file with the following information:

    * The title of the work.
    * The names and email addresses of all authors and contributors of the work.
    * The URL where you are going to make your .zip file available for
us to download. The editorial collective will not publish the address
of this file.
    * A short description of the work — less than 200 words in length.
    * Any instructions required to operate the work.
    * The date the work was first distributed or published, or
"unpublished" if it has not yet been made available to the public.

Prepare a .zip archive including the work in its entirety. Include the
text file at the top level of this archive, and name it

Upload the .zip file to a web server so that it is available at the
specified location. Place all of the text in the "submisson.txt" file
in the body of an email and send it to elc2.elo at gmail.com with the
name of the piece being submitted included in the subject line.

The Electronic Literature Collection is supported by institutional
partners including: Brown University, Literary Arts Program; Center
for Program in Contemporary Writing at the University of Pennsylvania;
Duke University, Program in Literature; Hermeneia at the Open
University of Catalonia; Maryland Institute for Technology in the
Humanities; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Program in Writing
and Humanistic Studies; nt2; Pomona College, Media Studies Program;
UCSB, Department of English; University of Bergen, Department of
Literary, Linguistic, and Aesthetic Studies, Program in Digital
Culture; University of Dundee, School of Humanities.

Institutional sponsorship opportunities are still available. If your
organization or academic department is interested in more information,
please contact helen DeVinney, Managing Director of the ELO, at
hdevinney at gmail.com.

Mark Marino,
ELO. Director of Communication
Writing Program
University of Southern California
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