[Reader-list] Cyclonudist

Jeebesh jeebesh at sarai.net
Tue Jun 10 16:39:26 IST 2008

 From a friend in Paris:

[On Saturday, a "cyclonudist" protest was organised in Paris : women  
and men who wanted to cycle naked, to claim for their rights to  
circulate safely on their bikes in the city. Police said : only upper  
waist nakedness allowed for men, not for women (the video shows a  
Green member of the City hall council cycling with her breast covered  
by her national "scarf", the emblema of her elected status).

3 people have been arrested by the police for so called "sexual  
exhibition" charges.

Exhibiting naked women on giant advertising posters, all over the  
city, is definitely less provocative and dangerous than 3 naked  

Thanks to the French police, our morality standards are well guarded.  
Welcome to the 21st century, thank you Mr Sarkozy.

To see the video of the naked "mob"
http://videos.leparisien.fr/video/iLyROoafYg3T.html ]

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