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Luigi Pagliarini luigi at artificialia.com
Wed Jun 11 14:04:32 IST 2008


re:move final release [http://www.move2digital.net/en/index.html]

fernando casás [http://www.fernandocasas.es] intervention uses leds put
together by francis naranjo [http://www.francisnaranjo.blogspot.com] in a
mural outside expocoruña exhibition centre [http://www.expocoruna.com]

fernando casás launches the first of the series of leds which have been set
by francis naranjo in a display unit outside expocoruña trade centre.  his
work _despois de m/arte_,  is a contribution to the collective works titled
_re:move final release_

on the 10 july 2008 at 12 noon begins the temporary interventions of the
electronic display unit set outside expocoruña exhibition centre

fernando casás, the galician artist known by his ephemeral work on nature,
will open up these series with _despois de m/arte_, his first digital
project. he succeeds thanks to his treatment of what is ephemeral which goes
together well with this luminous writing on 15 leds which are the framework
of frances naranjo´s display unit

each intervention will last around a month and will be part of the _re:move
final release_ a collective work which is one of the fundamental components
of new media art; without each artist's contribution  a complete production
would not be possible.

curator: nilo casares [http://comisario.net]


fernando casás (gondomar, spain)

darko fritz (amsterdam, holland, born in croatia) 

dionisio cañas (tomelloso, spain)

yucef mehri (venezuela)

eva y franco mattes (europe)

luigi pagliarini (pescara, italia)

arcángel constantini (méxico df, méxico) 

antonio mendoza (los angeles, usa)

fernando llanos (méxico df, méxico)

gazira babeli (second life)

brian mackern (montevideo, uruguay)

jimpunk (paris, france)

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