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Shilpa Gupta Berlin Invite [http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001HuSWhFyY2C1-s1xrvNxHoz3hvLTH_icHeFtanFsdEP1IK1LlAnTVefwskO0iXZ-MgKiqWdCBFwAAon8-FkLYZQbu7487OqObiqB01Q-GpBPdQIhVZPsWNhXdGkWjLdN4zn_gvfP156D19fRSkoRosFz4rb3NycWDa5zxlrj625BzK2ZfH6gAeA==]

BlindStars StarsBlind
Vernissage June 13th, 2008
6 pm at BodhiBerlin
8 pm at Galerie Volker Diehl
BodhiBerlin and Galerie Volker Diehl are proud to present the first monograph exhibition
in Germany of the eminent media artist, Shilpa Gupta. Both galleries have collaborated
with the artist to allow both Berliners and an international audience further access
to her particular use of regional and political geography in which she tackles issues
that include notions of borders within and in-between media, religion and nations.
The work of Shilpa Gupta has been widely shown in the context of major group exhibitions,
including the Media City Seoul Biennale in 2004, the Biennales of Sydney, Shanghai,
Havana, and Liverpool in 2006, and Lyon in 2007. She has had a number of monograph
shows in New York and in Bombay, where her oeuvre has been widely acclaimed and 
welcomed for its vehement reworking of the mixed media tradition. Her ensemble of
works, begun after graduating in 1997 from the B.F.A. Sculpture Program at the prestigious
Sir J. J. School of Fine Arts, Bombay, has included the use of interactive mediums
fused with traditional sculptural and photographic elements. Performance has also
played a major role in demonstrating her ability to contextualise difficult contemporary
subjects and subjectivities, including personal space, and the abrupt global relationship
to security and alterity: the internal experience of what Jacques Derrida aptly 
called "difference".
BlindStars StarsBlind is an apt title for an exhibition and a book by an artist 
who uses language in a fragmented form of translation. The works by Gupta talk about
region, border, and territory to express themselves in their own kind of historical
This exhibition highlights a spectrum of works that help to grasp those concerns
 that drive her aesthetic and media judgments in the age of global mediation and
 cultural translation. In an interview with Shaheen Merali, she described her concerns
as follows: "Often artists like myself who are working in a so called 'activist'
 role become branded as activist artists". The role of activism is a driving force
for many of her observations as she visually vocalizes her deeply felt concerns 
for the plight of those who remain speechless and are made silent through disempowering
The crossover between facilitation, production, performance, and gallery practice
creates a rich mix that helps render the agonizing cosmopolis of cultural exchange
and political discourse. Triggering such mechanisms and positions, Gupta allows 
us to evaluate the lived and perceived experiences of our realities by bringing 
together a number of contradictions in the fabric of contemporary life and our notions
of freedom.
Furthermore, Gupta's leanings towards a more democratising, even socialist, agenda
in terms of ideology allows her to remain somewhat skeptical of the role of the 
market place in the artistic realm. Her works question this contradictory position
in both their construction and in their context.
In creating a world as her ambition, she helps us to manage the necessary labour
 in looking at and measuring a strategic globalisation, which is based on disruption,
rather than focussing on a crisis state where consumerism seems to be the only measurable
form of change.
The exhibition BlindStars StarsBlind  prompted an identically titled publication
 which will be launched at the end of June 2008.

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