[Reader-list] FW: Missing Public Intellectual by S Srinivasaraju

Baruk S. Jacob b_a_r_u_k at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 14 15:58:33 IST 2008

interesting article. and while is correctly points out our lack of 'public' life, it doesn't look into why this public life is missing. have we all gone online? are we too disconnected from the immediate politics around us? too much work? too little time? 

or have we just stopeed caring?


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> Web| Jun 11, 2008 
> Bangalore Byte
> Missing: Public Intellectual 
> The simple
> fact about the just concluded polls is that there was no
> big point
> made, no big idea discussed. No political leader or party
> took the risk
> of espousing a big cause. We still do not know what ideas
> we defeated
> and what we accepted. 


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