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Sat Jun 14 22:39:40 IST 2008

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> Re: [Reader-list] from Kafila: to whom it may conecrn
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> "Shivam Vij <mail at shivamvij.com>
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> Sat, 14 Jun 2008 17:32:01 +0530
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> Dear friends,
> After being down for some weeks, Kafila is back, and you'll notice if
> you visit it, with a bang.
> http://kafila.org
> On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 12:57 PM, Ravikant <ravikant at sarai.net> wrote:
>> Hey where did Kafila go?
>> For those who have been thinking just that. This message comes from the Kafila
>> bloggers-
>> The Kafila Group of Bloggers wishes to inform
>>  a) those offended/satisfied by its recent trail of porn links,
>>  b) puzzled/thrilled by disappearance of autorickshaws and new First World
>> global cityscape look
>>  c) frustrated/vindicated by its complete unavailability over the past few
>> days
>>  d) all of the above,
>> that we have been slowly and systematically HACKED but are working on it.
>> We would like to believe that the hackers are
>> a) the Chinese government
>>  b) the RSS
>>  c) They Who Must Not Be Named.
>> But most probably the hacking is due merely to Search Engine Optimization
>> (only one of us is even remotely near understanding what this means, so most
>> of us continue to be in a state of smug smirkiness about how dangerous we are
>> to all sorts of Forces of Evil.)
>>  We hope to be back soon, our impudent little autos intact, so please bear
>> with us.
>>  For those who dont really give a damn either way about kafila - consider the
>> fact that this is no worse spam than ads for Cialis.
>> kafila Gr.
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