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Dear all,
Thanks for all the support that I have been getting from you all in my
struggle for justice.
Please do try to mark your presence, if possible.




Dear Friends,

2nd floor, 165, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, is the address where Kanak Lata,
an M. Phil student from University of Delhi, her sister Manorama and Brother
Chandra Bhushan shifted on 11th February 2007 as tenants. These siblings
were in very good relations with the landlord¹s (Grover¹s) family. They
would sometimes even help the kids in her house owner¹s family with their
studies. Suddenly on 30th April 2008 the Grover family came to know that
Kanak belong to the Chamar (Dalit) Community. From there started the acts of
caste based abuses, and efforts to get the house vacated, and warnings of
brutal beatings and gang rape upon Kanak Lata and her siblings living with
her. Grover family even disconnected the water supply for Kanak and her
siblings. For three days they underwent inhuman sufferings for water.

On 3rd May 2008 evening, Kanak Lata went to fetch water from the tap on the
ground floor. At a sudden the whole Grover family attacked her and started
beating Kanak Lata very brutally. They shouted, ³saali kutiya chamarin aaj
hum tum logon ko batayenge! poore eek saal se jaat chhupa kar hamare ghar ko
apavitra kar rakha hain². When her sister Manorama and a brother, Chandra
Bhushan came down stairs on hearing the cries of Kanak Lata they too were
very brutally kicked, punched and beaten by the whole Grover family. When
Kanak¹s one brother and a friend living in nearby colony went to their
rescue they too were very brutally beaten by the Grover family. This went
for several minutes. The Grover family members were abusing Kanak¹s parents
and were shouting to gang rape Kanak and Manorama. They were publicly
shouting, ³Saale ek to Bihari aur doosare Chamar ­ neech jaati ke hokar
hamaara poora ghar ek saal se apavitra kar rakha hain, aabhi bhago nahin to
botiyan kaat kar phek doonga² (you Bihari chamars - the lower caste people,
you have been polluting my house for an year, leave my house immediately
otherwise I will cut you in pieces and throw it). ³Saalon Chamaron tumhara
dilli se namon nishan mita denge² (we will erase your name from Delhi), and
many such other abuses and insulting statements.

When this shameful act of caste atrocity reached the Mukherjee Nagar Police
Station the SHO, Smt. Indra Sharma used all the means to discourage the
victims to not lodge an FIR/complaint. The five victims were forced to sit
in Mukherjee Nagar police station for more than 18 hours and that too
without a drop of water or a grain of food. Meanwhile, the SHO herself
directly warned about filing case of molestation and other cases under
different sections on Kanak Lata and her brothers. The SHO even talked about
monetary compensation. Lastly, when Kanak and other victims did not agree to
compromise, a case under Section 354, 324, 341/34 of IPC was registered
against Grover family, even though the matter was very visibly of Caste
Atrocity and was to be registered under Section 3 of The Scheduled Castes
and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989. The nexus between Police and
Grover family is so strong that Police imposed same sections i.e. 354, 324,
341/34 on Kanak Lata, her siblings and their friend.

On arrival of her father from Bokaro Steel City, Kanak Lata with her father
and other victims visited the ACP North West Delhi, Mr. Chandrahas Yadav for
many a times with the hope to get justice. But to utter surprise, even the
ACP very clearly tried to protect Grover family. He asked Kanak Lata to take
back the complaint and work towards making her carrier. He also showed the
fear of court and examination of the charges made on Kanak Lata, her
siblings and a friend. He too also talked about monetary compensation.

In the process of seeking justice to the victims of the caste atrocity,
Kanak Lata, her siblings, her parents, and friends visited the offices
starting from Mr. ACP to the Police Commissioner of Delhi, Mr. Dadwal, and
SC/ST Commission, set up to work for the justice to the SCs/STs, Woman
Commission, set up to provide justice to the women, and the vice ­
chancellor of University of Delhi. Besides, the print and the electronic
media to have been discussing the issue quiet often.
But, to our utter surprise, even after completion of one month of this
shameful act of caste atrocity in the Capital of Indian Republic, neither
the case of caste atrocity has been registered against the Grover family,
nor against those Delhi Police officials, who has been highly negligent and
unbelievably partial, from the date of this inhuman incident to till date,
in this matter.

In these adverse situations, Kanak Lata, her siblings, friend, and the
supporters of their struggle are now left with no other means, than coming
on the road to voice out for justice and let the world, and of course, The
Government of India, hear from the victims, the reality of Caste Atrocity in
the Very Capital of The Indian Republic.

We request all the Progressive People and supporters of Human Rights and
Dignity to join hands in Kanak Lata¹s struggle for justice and join the
demonstration at the Police Headquarter, ITO, Delhi, on June 19th 2008.

Our Justifiable Demands Includes:

1.    Imposition of Section 3 of The Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention
of Atrocities) Act 1989 on Om Prakash Grover and his family members and thus
their immediate arrest.

2.    Suspension and legal proceedings under Section 4 of The Scheduled
Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 against the ACP, North
West Delhi, Mr. Chandrahas Yadav, and SHO Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Smt. Indra
Sharma, who very strongly and willfully overlooked this shameful matter of
caste atrocity.

3.    The immediate withdrawal of the fraudulent cases made against Kanak
Lata, her siblings and a friend.



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