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The Media Resource Centre, AJK MCRC announces its first round of annual 
fellowships from August 1, 2008 to January 31, 2009.

CATEGORIES: Senior Research Fellowships & Jamia Student Fellowship

The MEDIA RESOURCE CENTRE, set up with a grant from the Sir Ratan Tata 
Trust (SRTT), is devoted to the study, research and contemplation of 
documentary and contemporary media practices with particular emphasis on 
film, television, photography and multi-media. The MRC also plans to 
build an archive of material on Documentary and Asian Cinemas. Both 
categories of work are defined expansively and include both film and 
film culture. It plans to house curated film collections in addition to 
journals, books, monographs and catalogues. Locating itself at the 
intersection of theory and practice, it plans to offer fellowships, 
conduct courses, organize public lectures, conferences, seminars, 
workshops and special screenings. It seeks to complement the hands-on 
learning experience at the MCRC by creating an intellectually vibrant 
space for theoretical engagement, research and study. The Fellowships 
are designed to contribute to the building of the archives and the 
ongoing research and scholarly work at the MRC.


The Research Fellowships are expected to contribute to the creation of 
the Visual Archives as well as engage with the scholarly preoccupations 
of the MRC. Applicants are encouraged to send in proposals that seek to 
provide analyses, histories, ethnographies, empirical data and/or 
critical commentaries on any theme relating to contemporary visual media 
and documentary cultures. The MRC has a special interest in Documentary 
film making practices, cultures and activities. Similarly, it is 
invested in encouraging scholarly work on photographic practices. 
Therefore, proposals that deal with the above two themes will be given 
special importance. It is hoped that the written text finally submitted 
to the MRC will be accompanied by visual material that will 
substantively enrich the Visual Archive of the MRC.

The MRC will grant two categories of Fellowships that is,

(1) Senior Research Fellowships and [@15,000 per month]
(2) Jamia Student Fellowships [@ 5,000 per month]



 Ø Applicants are required to be resident in India and should have an 
account in a bank operating in India. In case of the Senior Research 
Fellowships, He/She must also be a Pan Card Holder.

 Ø Applications can only be in English.

 Ø While the Student Fellowship is available only to students pursuing 
their Masters Course in Jamia, anyone can apply for the Senior Research 
Fellowship. There is no age limit.

 Ø The Fellowship will run from August 2008 to the end of January 2008. 
The Senior Research Fellowship is extendable to one year based on 
performance evaluation.

 Ø The Fellowship Grant will be disbursed in three stages over a period 
of 6-8 months. The fellows are required to make written submissions 
every three months on their research progress following which each 
installment will be released. The last installment would be given after 
the presentation and submission of the research.

 Ø Individuals, partners and groups/collectives can apply to a single 
fellowship, where the grant will be payable to the account of one.

 Ø A working draft would be expected by the end of December. A detailed 
research report must be submitted to the MRC at the end of the fellowship.

 Ø When the Fellowship period comes to an end it is mandatory for all 
Fellows to make a public presentation at the Media Resource Centre.

 Ø Although the participation in the fellowship programme does require a 
substantial time commitment, participants are welcome to pursue their 
primary occupations in addition to the fellowship research. However, 
Fellows of the MRC cannot be committed to any other grant or fellowship 
during the same period.

 Ø The primary material collected as part of the Fellowship must be 
submitted at the end of the grant period to the MRC. This should 
preferably be in a digital form, that is, CDs, DVDs, scans, digital 
images etc. All material submitted along with the report must be annotated.

 Ø The MRC may select some the research for publication as monographs if 
they are of a high academic calibre.

 Ø Copyright: The Copyright for the research will be shared by both the 
MRC and the individual scholar concerned. The scholar is free to publish 
the material while duly and fully acknowledging MRC support through the 
Fellowship programme.



 The Senior Fellowships:

The Proposal for the senior fellowships should be between 1500-2000 
words. It should be accompanied by a Statement of Purpose of not more 
than 1000 words explaining to how the Proposal connects to work 
previously done

Two Letters of Recommendation

 Student Fellowships:

The Proposal for the Student Fellowship should be between 800-1000 words.
It should be accompanied by a Statement-of-Purpose.

Two Letters of Recommendation of which one should be from a Faculty 
member in Jamia Millia Islamia.

Please Note:

All paper work submitted should be typed. Handwritten proposals will not 
be accepted. Your proposal package should include:

Applicant's name, email address, telephone number and Postal Address

Category of Fellowship


Work Sample related to the Proposal

Work Plan

An Updated CV

A Self-addressed & stamped envelope


Fellows can submit their applications by post or hand-deliver them to 
the AJK MCRC at the following address:

'ATTN: FELLOWS PROPOSAL 2008-2009', to

NEW DELHI -110025.

Last Date for Proposal Submission: June 30, 2008
Inquiries: mrc.jamia at gmail.com

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