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*invites you to the screening of two films that speak of and show how our
capital city, Delhi is changing!*


Date: *21st June, Saturday*

Time: 5.30 pm onwards

S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda (near Greater Kailash II), New Delhi 110019
Phone: +91-11-26027845/ 26033088
Email: space.kriti at gmail.com

*Dunu Roy would join us for the discussions on the films.*


*Open for all but do try and confirm so we can keep enough kullad wali chai
and namkeen for you!*


*Baarah Mann Ki Dhuban*

*(English / 17 mins / 20007 / Delhi / Ms. Vrinda Kapoor & Nitesh Bhatia)*

* *

This film revolves around the bioscope as a means of livelihood in Delhi and
the prevailing conditions of the community of bioscope workers. It also
tells a brief history of bioscope and that it was the first form of moving
pictures in India. The film tends to highlight the present decline of the
bioscope workers in Delhi and the role of the authorities like NDMC, police
officials and NGOs on them. Finally it also infuses array of hope for the
bioscope by giving knowledge of electronic bioscope to the audience and the
role of certain NGOs in its promotion indirectly. It also highlights the
enthusiasm of the few existing bioscope workers in the instrument who
consider it as a unique and interesting art form.

*NEW DELHI Pvt. Ltd.*

*(Hindi & English / 37 mins / **2006** / **Delhi** / Mr. Ravinder  S

An attempt to capture the city of Delhi as it gets systematically
refashioned to become a world class space, a productive site of neo-liberal
regime. Urban scape is being reconfigured to facilitate entry and
transaction of global capital, most emphatically visible in the
proliferation of giant transnational corporations, ostentatious malls, high
rise housing and commercial centers, expensive metros and flyovers.

As the space gets takeover, it has to be thoroughly and urgently purged of
those who have toiled to built it, thereby resulting in rampant and brutal
destruction of their shelter and livelihood, this process is systematically
being planned in the larger framework provided by the neo-liberal regime,
and executed by the state-judiciary nexus. What emerges is a desirable,
commodified, privatized, cordoned city space that comes at a 'cost' and
therefore only for those who can 'afford' it.

*The Film Club
*We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary &
mainstream films as well as slide shows, on a whole range of issues
connected with development, human rights & social attitudes/ trends once a
month. We also serve as a borrowing & buying space for documentary films.
Consistently screening films since 1999 in New Delhi, non-funded
and existing on our audiences' contribution into our 'gullak' (collection

*http://krititeam.blogspot.com* <http://krititeam.blogspot.com/>

These films were part of Jeevika South Asian Livelihood Film Festival 2007.
Look out for the next Jeevika festival between August 28-31, 2008 in New
Delhi. www.ccs.in

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