[Reader-list] TOI's "Private Treaties"

Baruk S. Jacob b_a_r_u_k at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 24 23:22:43 IST 2008

> from what I've heard, this is nothin new for ToI. If anything this is a
> corporate relationship that perfectly mirrors arrangements that have been
> in place for years.

thinking aloud:

many people i meet talk of how the ToI content is full of fluff. i have also heard these accusations of their being driven solely by profit. what worries me, however, is the fact that they continue to be the largest selling newspaper in the world(?). that seems to suggest that we WANT this fluff, that we honestly do not care about the deals our newspapers make with business, about how the quality of the information we receive is being compromised.

maybe this is what we WANT. and that's really scary.




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