[Reader-list] resolution of janhasthakshep on the rerroring of adivasis in kalingagar by the armed goons of tatas

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Thu Jun 26 11:22:48 IST 2008

*Janhastakshep  *

      *Campaign Against Fascist Designs*


Shri. Naveen Patnaik

Chief Minister of Orissa


*Resolution* passed in a meeting of JAN HASTAKSHEP on June 25, 2008 at the
Gandhi Peace Foundation.

   1. The meeting organized by JAN HASTAKSHEP expresses its grave concern
   over the hired goons of BJD and the hired goons of TATA led by company
   officials, who tried to enter the project area at Kalinganagar this morning.
   Later armed police also tried to enter the project site but retreated on
   facing stiff resistance from the people.

   1. This meeting condemns the Naveen Patnaik government for abetting the
   TATAS in letting loose a reign of violence against the Kalainganagar people
   who are resisting forcible acquisition of land. The tense situation is
   continuing.  Barely three months earlier, the Orissa government backed by
   TATA goons killed an activist of Bistaphan Birodhi Janmanch - Sukinda in
   order to terrorise the people

*We demand:*

   1. *Immediate withdrawal of armed police.*
   2. *Immediate arrest of goons and TATA company officials who entered the
   disputed site.*

*This meeting expresses its solidarity with the struggling people of

N. K Bhattacharya

Convener, Janhastakshep.

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