[Reader-list] Changes in draft CZM guidelines sought

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Changes in draft CZM guidelines sought
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Move aimed at ensuring that fishing communities are not hit
Call to retain 'No Development Zones'

Consultations with trade unions held
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The State government has sought comprehensive
changes in the draft Coastal Zone Management (CZM) norms published by
the Centre.

Responding to a calling attention by Babu Prasad (Congress) in the
Assembly on Friday, Fisheries Minister S. Sarma said the government
had submitted to the Centre a series of proposals aimed at ensuring
that the CZM norms did not hit the livelihood of fishing communities
or prevent them from constructing houses on the coastal stretches of
the country.

The State government had prepared its objections to various provisions
of the draft norms after holding two rounds of consultation with trade
unions in the fisheries sector in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi, he

Mr. Sarma said the State had taken exception to the draft proposal to
place the territorial waters up to 22 kilometres under the CZM norms
and had told the Centre that this should not in any way affect fishing
rights of indigenous communities.

It had also told the Centre that the local bodies and the fishing
community must have sufficient say in the planning and development
processes along the coastal areas.

He said the State was particularly concerned about the decision to
have a 'setback line' along the coast which would mean that the fisher
folk would be able to have houses only outside the 'setback line.'

Since fishermen families cannot live away from the sea, the State had
urged the Centre to see to it that such a measure did not affect their
habitation needs. It had also taken an equally serious view of the
proposal to drop the existing 'No Development Zones' in the coastal
stretches as this would result in indiscriminate construction activity
in the coastal areas leading to alienation of the fishing communities,
the Fisheries Minister added.

Replying to a specific question from Mr. Babu Prasad, the Minister
said the government would issue strict instructions to officials if
any instance of construction activities, forming part of the tsunami
rehabilitation programme, being disallowed was brought to its notice.

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