[Reader-list] Fwd: stop the award to narendra modi

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 18:41:17 IST 2009

Dear Murali and Rajen

Listening or reading to your arguments, it would seem you wish to say thi:

"Two wrongs do make a right."

The arguments you have presented are wrong and should be unacceptable. Just
because Pandits are living in exile or because some Hindu temple was
destroyed some 500 years back does not mean that we should tolerate
injustices of today or forget about them. According to that explanation,
even what the Lashkar and Al-Qaeda do is fine because they are taking a
revenge for what they see as wrong. And if that is the case, why should I
believe you and not them?

About Sonia, you have your disagreements and that is fine with me.

As far as Modi winning the award is concerned, he certainly deserves it.
After all, he was the CM who ensured that revenge of Godhra was made
possible. Actually, he was the CM who ensured Godhra actually took place. A
proper intelligence department (assuming it's a terrorist attack, as was
claimed by Gujarat BJP then) would have averted it, but then that would not
have given the chance to teach Muslims a lesson for once and for all, right?

Who can forget that Ehsan Jaferi, an ex-MP was not able to save himself,
under the Modi reign? We should commend Modi after all that he ensured that
for the first time, in the history of India, in the words of Prahlad
Shastri, (A VHP official in Pavagadh district, as he is shown saying on the
documentary 'The Final Solution'): 'Hindus have batted for the first time in
the last 50 years'. Till now they were probably only doing fielding, with
Muslims having a blast probably raping Hindu women, kidnapping them and
forcing them to marry at will, right?

He then proved his mettle as the best Asian by conducting an election
campaign, the viciousness of which can be deemed great as well. What's more,
Modi was then famous for his 'Mian Musharraf' speeches in Gujarat elections.
I didn't know that Pakistan's President will be the major issue in a
provincial election in India. I didn't know that Muslims will be referred to
as 'diseases', 'mosquitoes', 'traitors' and so on by members of the same
Parivar during the election campaign.

After all, if Jinnah can be great, is not Modi great? Of course, he is. The
only difference lies in their scales. Jinnah changed history to create a
nation, Modi has shown the path to create a Hindu Rashtra in India. He has
shown that only Hindus can be secular, not the rest of us. He has shown that
the way to deal with terrorists is to shoot them in fake encounters, along
with their wives if possible, and if somebody attacks it, then how to
justify is also shown through his speeches.

He deserves not only this but many awards. By the way, is anybody thinking
about a mausoleum for Modi, on the lines for one in Jinnah?

Even Mahatma Gandhi pales in comparison with Modi ji, isn't it?



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