[Reader-list] Dr Binayak Sen's Speech : In Favour of Peace

Venugopalan K M kmvenuannur at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 10:40:27 IST 2009

Please visit the YouTube link here.

An internationally renowned doctor and activist for peace and social justice
has been falsely implicated and incarcerated for over two years for alleged
Maoist links. Just listen to him and decide for yourself what crime he has

Dr Binayak Sen vociferously defends PEACE, in a speech delivered in Hindi
after the bail given by the Supreme Court.

That anyone exercising the democratic right to criticize the unjust ways of
State would be branded  as extremist should indeed be challenged.
We are coerced not to speak; nevertheless, many of us can't just not do
precisely that..!!


You cannot build anything on the foundations of caste. You cannot build up a
nation, you cannot build up a morality. Anything that you will build on the
foundations of caste will crack and will never be a whole.




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