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Who says Sharia law is alien to Australia? Second, sense of security is strong when someone dealing with me deals as expected, while dealing with non followers of sharia law, they should deal withn some other say constitutional law. Definitely they should respect the nation, it's flag and people. At the same time I do not see any problem with hteir own flags, come on, football teams, gurudwaras and even hindu temple have their own flag, Red cross and hotels have flags, why attack some faith on political grounds. If that is infectius, strong then it is welcome in a democracy.........................................
Subjecting to any other laws is definitely oppression and trying to establish for certain ends some unchallenged rule. Else why need a normal person be reminded of his nationality, unless we tell him Sacrifice for your brothers(US)! You do not find an answer you resort to a tooth for a tooth strategy, you try to win muslims over but in a bad fashion, which you could do with love............ 

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Dear Kath,

As you mentioned there is no such racist comment in this, but its totally against terrorism activity. When the person comes in Australia or any other country, they must adopt their laws, civil codes and should amalgamate in the country. There is no place for those who are engaged in unlawful activity and harmful to the country must leave.

Even this is applicable to citizens, PR also to obey country laws, codes (which must be uniform for all the citizens or uniform civil code, I think which is their in Australia), else they should be ready for punishment.

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  it's a fake

  I googled the quote and I don't think this is an accurate quote from the prime minister (current or previous) I can't imagine any PM saying anything as racist as was written in the message..

  there's a snopes page for it too : http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/australia.asp

  apparently it was an email circling in 2008 & had been published as (citizen) reader comments in a couple of newspapers - not an official statement
  & had been posted on various message boards since 2005. eg:

  2009/9/2 bipin <aliens at dataone.in>

    Dear Kath,
    I have received this as forwarded message from reliable source and searching link for the same like you. If you get do forward me and if I will get I will forward you the same.
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      hi bipin, do you have the source link for this? I haven't seen this yet.

      2009/9/2 bipin <aliens at dataone.in>

        Prime Minister  Kevin  Rudd  - Australia

        Muslims  who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on  Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government  targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror  attacks..


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