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Thu Sep 3 23:58:53 IST 2009

*Creative practitioners* interested in
*transmission and interaction *of* *
*media and technology *in
*situations and societies.*

This is an opportunity to learn and explore the possibilities of creating
interactive installations and new media environments using *DIY electronics*,
*Open Source Software* and *Ubiquitous Technology*.
This is an intensive hands-on workshop, with artist and new-media
practitioner Matthew Kenyon <http://www.swamp.nu/menu/kenyon_bio.html> leading
a motivated group of ten. Participants shall learn by collaboratively making
a working project model over six evenings.

The workshop will be held at Khoj Studios,
Delhi<http://khojworkshop.org/book/khoj_studios_delhi> from
*26th October - 1st November (4pm - 8pm)*
*Creating Agency through Telepresence
*In this project user-movement about the city shall control the illumination
of lightboxes at a remote location. These lightboxes shall be attached to an
Arduino microcontroller <http://www.arduino.cc/> running Processing
Users shall be able to send their GPS coordinates to this
microcontroller through smartphone devices as they move about the city. This
data on being processed by the software shall switch the appropriate
lightboxes on and off again. These lightboxes shall in fact display images
of the city remotely controlled by user movements around the city.

This workshop will look at 4 technologies. Together, they will combine to
create a distributed telepresence based project.The 4 technologies are: (1)
digital photography, (2) rapid prototyping and digital fabrication, (3)
programming and physical computing and (4) ubiquitous computing.
Participants shall be involved in all stages of the construction of the
project in a hands-on process led by the mentor. Each participant shall be
provided a tool kit with the requisite materials. Lectures and
demonstrations shall guide the project and explain the process.

This program is designed for people interested in learning new processes of
technology and mediation through a practice oriented workshop. It is not
necessary to have prior knowledge of electronics and computing, but some
experience in design, media or technology is preferred. A strong inclination
to learn and the ability to be hands-on are a must.
*To apply send us:
*- a statement, no more than 500 words, on why you would like to be part of
this workshop
- a resume
- up to five work samples via web links or email attachments (not more than
20MB all together) or CD/ DVD by post

*Send to: *
By email: interact at khojworkshop.org
Subject: Interaction Design Workshop

By post:
KHOJ Studios
S-17, Khirkee Extn.
New Delhi - 110017

*Application Deadline:*
15th September 2009

*Selection results:*
The final list of selected participants shall be declared by 1st October
*Rs 2500/- to be paid in favor of Khoj International Artists' Association
after final selection is announced.

The fees shall be waived off for outstation candidates, however they have
make their own arrangements for travel and stay.
Kindly contact us if you need further assistance in this regard.

*Detailed Schedule and Workplan:*
*26th Oct. Day 1 - programming with Processing, (4 hours)*

-          introduction to Processing

-          drawing forms

-          animation

*27h Oct. Day 2 - programming with Processing pt. 2, (4 hours)*

-          recap from day 1

-          interactivity

-          connecting to other systems like the Internet

*28th Oct. Day 3 - working with the Arduino microcontroller, (4 hours)*

-          introduction to Arduino

-          receiving input

-          sending output

-          wireless input

*29th Oct. Day 4 - working with the Arduino microcontroller pt. 2, (4 hours)

-          recap from day 3

-          working with larger DC devices

-          connecting a custom circuit

-          Arduino and the Internet

*30th Oct. Day 5 - digital photography and rapid prototyping, (4 hours)*

-          tools, processes and services for rapid prototyping

-          putting together the prepared light box kits

-          constructing and testing the electronics

-          digital photography and printing

*31st Oct. Day 6 - working with ubiquitous computing, (4 hours)*

-          programming the iPaq with Mscapers

-          the power of GPS

-          sending data to a database

-          putting it all together

-          future possibilities

*1st November 2009 - Final presentation of the project *

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