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subhrodip sengupta sub_sengupta at yahoo.co.in
Fri Sep 4 15:11:47 IST 2009

Get paid to attend surveys, get paid to read emails........
Now it's available in India. Off course at glance it seems to be a rather waste of time that time which could be used in unaccounted but more useful activities converted into less-than-money's worth equivalent. But experience now tells some people actually earn more.......
Just wondering how this ad-earn loop adds into the real products we consume....... May be at a time Keynesian Consumption holds true for the economy now has got quite robust, or may be such a population that feeds on it is oly in it's rudiments....
Just wondering if someone gave me more info.
We were having Uiversity paying us for Surveys, at last the online thing is in INdia.

For eg check the following link:

For 'reading emails' here is a link. It works.

May be some people on this list who know more about net traffic statistics and people who know about e-business may help more.
So now with real products available, one gets engrossed in this virtual world!

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Subject: [Reader-list] The death of the Internet as we know it

Claudia Borges:
The internet as we know it is at risk.. The new rules in the EU (the  
Telecoms package) voted on May 6 and will be negotiated again in  
Autumn propose that broadband providers wed inill be legally able to limit  
the number of websites you can look at, and to tell you whether or not  
you are allowed to use particular services. It will be dressed up as  
‘new consumer options’ which people can choose from. People will be  
offered TV-like packages – with a limited number of options for you to  
access. It means that the Internet will be packaged up and your  
ability to access and to put up content could be severely restricted.  
It will create boxes of Internet accessibility, which don’t fit with  
the way we use it today.


Monica Narula
Raqs Media Collective

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