[Reader-list] Reputed Brave& strong men: Uniforms ordeal daily born by society

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they would never reply. They do not need to, either. They stay away from the Outside socciety.
They marry usually inter-se or their collegue's wives. Hahahaha.

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Soldier held for teasing women in train
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Sat, Sep 5 10:16 AM
Raipur, Sep 5 (IANS) A soldier was arrested here on a charge of teasing two women in a train passing through Chhattisgarh, police said Saturday.
The incident took place late Friday in the Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express when Sanjay Shankar allegedly began misbehaving with two women in a sleeper coach.
'When the train stopped at Raipur station, several fellow passengers caught him and started beating him. They then handed him over to the GRP (Government Railway Police),' a police officer said.
'The accused who was in a drunken state was going to Pune where he is posted as supervisor in the engineering wing of the army. The GRP will prepare and send the case details to his army office in Pune,' the officer added.

People have set in personalities.
But this ordeal seems to be 
a. In training which characteristically excludes women
b. In their explicit machoism
c. In the approach of army to save their men always and stylize an enquiry which is ineffective and hides reports, never publishes them
After all, shouldn't we awe the suckers of our income?

I know stress could have led to drunkenness, and people misunderstand the co-operation, it is too big(as if we need it that big, or we need such stress). What a stress busters, yes civilians should categorically misunderstand them. I no categorising is not right. I have met some brave men with humanist tone and sensitivity too. But let he reply come from a soldier or an army authority. Their aggressiveness in public is rather appalling!
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