[Reader-list] On the death of the Internet awki (Rakesh Iyer)

Patrice Riemens patrice at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 7 15:28:41 IST 2009

Rakesh Iyer's rejoinder on Monica's call for arms ;-) was refreshing and a
sensible ethical reality check, immo. However, there is one aspect I found
flawed, and it is that scaling down on our on-line consumption would be
imposed on us not by our own volition or democratic decision, but by
corporate interests. What these probably dream of is what I once called
the 'MTV effect': one can watch MTV all over the planet, but MTV Hungary
is totally different from MTV Argentina, and nowhere are you able to look
at yr favourite MTV chain if that is not the local one. MTV decides for
you which blend you watch (Bollysongs on MTV S.Asia, Balkan techno on MTV
Bosnia (if there is such ;-). With other words, corporate interests would
like to revert the Internet into a (digital) broadcast system, of course
flush with ads for 'captive eyeballs'. Not our wish, and hence opposition
is needed.

But that should not refrain us from heading Rakesh's advice and go for
'de-consume'. I plan to institute one e-mailfree day a week for starters!

Cheers, patrizio & Diiiinooos!

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