[Reader-list] On the death of the Internet awki (Rakesh Iyer)

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 18:01:26 IST 2009

Dear Patrice

The point I am making has larger implications actually even beyond Internet.
The fact is that our consumption pattern today is completely unsustainable
over a longer duration of time. What the British established during the
Industrial Revolution, was a model which was based on making people greedy
and thereby consuming resources to consume as much as they can, and the way
to achieve this was possible thanks to colonization. Which is why Gandhi had
once remarked that already the British required more than half the earth to
satisfy their own greed, and if India were to follow suit, it will be a

Hence, there has to be a limit to how we consume. I find it strange that the
Ambanis have built a huge mansion while having only four people. Ironically,
people like Amartya Sen may say that Ambani has the freedom to do it and he
should be allowed to do it, but I think wasteful consumption of resources
this way in the name of freedom is something we can't allow and we should
tax heavily. A certain amount of consumption is fine, but beyond that, if
you want to use your freedom, pay for it. That should be one of the
important lessons required for sustainable development.



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