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Selective awakening and selective amnesia!!
V Murali

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 3:08 PM, Rajendra Bhat Uppinangadi
<rajen786uppinangady at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all members in the reader list,
>   often I am confused by the fuss and hue and cries raised by some for
> selective amnesia if the encounters happen in the nation, often, few CMs
> become targets of annoyance, amused talks, and ofcourse of the disgust. A
> death by encounter is a death, which has no justification as rules of laws
> are not followed when a person is killed, and if the person is deviant,
> accused criminal, the utmost care for the law keepers is to not to kill, but
> over power by ways of even using the fire power, to hurt and over power, so
> there is no justification for encounter killings as such, but such deviants
> have to be prosecuted and dealt with as per rule of laws..
>  But the some ids seem to have made it a practise to charge the CMs whom
> they have prejudice, a party to blame, as we in this continent always love
> the blame game, and conveniently be selective of the deaths by faith, caste
> and region.?
>   Was the encounter death in Manipur  not to be condemned,? Was the CM of
> Delhi  not responsible by the same standards, why no letters , no hue and
> cries for the deaths in some places for some people, is it because they are
> of different faiths.?
>   It is really amusing at times when we see the individuals in turn,
> support the anti national acts and the law of lands is silent and faith is
> brought in  to save the enemies of the society because they belong to any
> faith, all those guilty of deviant acts in society must be taken care by the
> rule of laws, by the system of laws expeditiously, but when judges fudge
> with prosecutions, prosecutions are negligent with biryani eating accused,
> investigative agencies are all powerful to ignore the swabs of the victims,
> forensic evidence leads,   to doctored evidence, may be law keepers become
> executors.?
>  Such acts of executors does not augur well for the society, nor the acts
> of selective protests for the followers of any selective faith, as society
> will doubt the credibilty of such acts of selective protests, and ofcourse
> we have enough socialite social workers, artists with art as their credo
> living on immoral artistic expressions, and those who are unethical and
>  immoral in their profession of journalism. Great cobinations of
> permutations and combinations to make the society of a nation of jungle law.
> Regards,
> Rajen.
> On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 10:56 PM, Inder Salim <indersalim at gmail.com> wrote:
>> An Open Letter to Hon'ble Prime Minister
>> Dr. Manmohan Singh
>> Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
>> September 8, 2009, 1.02am
>> Dear Dr Manmohan Singh.
>>                                     I had written a small article in
>> The Hindustan Times in June 2004. It was called ‘Come Shoot Me: I am a
>> Terrorist’. It was to express my anguish on Ishrat Jahan’s killing in
>> Gujarat.
>> The Magisterial Enquiry, which is mandatory in every encounter case
>> (and which was never done in the Batla House encounter) has finally
>> termed it Ishrat jahan’s killing as a fake encounter yesterday in a
>> metropolitan court. It is not a matter of surprise for us as we knew
>> that she was killed in cold blood. Perhaps you will also agree that
>> such things are happening and happened in Gujarat under Modi. But I am
>> not writing to talk about how bad Modi is.
>> I am writing this to ask you a small favour.
>> I know you have absolutely hectic schedules and thousands of issues to
>> handle so I am putting down here the facts, gathered from various
>> media reports.
>> On June 15, 2003, the Ahmedabad city crime branch, then headed by the
>> now jailed IPS officer D G Vanzara, shot four young people –Ishrat
>> Jahan, Javed Shaikh alias Pranesh Pillai, Amjad Ali Rana  and Jisan
>> Johar. It was propagated that these four young people were alleged
>> Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) operatives who were allegedly on mission to kill
>> chief minister Narendra Modi.
>> Ishrat, was a 19-year old student of Khalsa College in Mumbra, a Mumbai
>> suburb.
>> Ishrat's mother filed a petition in the high court in 2004 demanding
>> death compensation and a CBI probe. Ishrat Jahan’s mother’s Petition
>> alleged that it was a fake encounter as one of the many that the
>> present government regime in Gujarat headed by Narendra Modi had done
>> to achieve Political Mileage to publicly create panic and sympathy
>> that the Chief Minister was sought to be assassinated.
>> The crime branch carried out the operation and the same agency
>> conducted investigation.
>> When the petition was heard by Justice KS Jhaveri , he immediately
>> proposed, almost on line taken by the Supreme Court in the infamous
>> Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, for which Vanzara was jailed along
>> with other policemen, that a five-member team - all of the rank of
>> additional DGP - should probe this case.
>>  The encounter was done by the infamous D. G. Vanzara and his team who
>> are presently arrested under Orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in
>> the case of fake encounter of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausarbi.
>> Sohrabuddin’s encounter has been admitted by the state to be fake and
>> recently on 11/08/2008, they have agreed to deposit an amount of Rs.
>> 10.00 Lakhs as interim ex-gratia compensation for being paid to the
>> Kith and Kin of the two.
>> There are allegedly 28 encounters which were fake and have been covered up.
>> In Ishrat Jahan’s matter the CBI was impleaded as a Party and it took
>> a stand that if the Court so orders they are willing to carry out
>> fresh investigations and unearth the truth. Such stand triggered panic
>> with the State Government and it seems even with some Officers of
>> Central Home Ministry.  After UPA came to power some tainted CBI
>> officers placed in Gujarat during the NDA with questionable track
>> record were removed after  a lot of pressure and almost two years but
>> they soon found plush positions in Delhi under UPA regime.
>> To our dismay we realized last month through the media reports that
>> the Ministry of Home Affairs in an affidavit stated that Ishrat, Javed
>> and two others Jisan Johar and Amjad Ali Rana were all operatives of
>> Pakistan-based terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba.
>> Maintaining that the four were terrorists, the Union government told
>> the high court, "No proposal for CBI investigation is under
>> consideration of the Centre nor does it consider the present case fit
>> for CBI probe."
>> Moreover, the Centre claimed that there is no question of independent
>> inquiry, as an additional DGP (CID & Intelligence) had carried out an
>> independent probe into the incident and the officer is neither working
>> with crime branch nor is he a subordinate to the crime branch, which
>> carried out the operation and later investigated the case itself."
>> If you remember Hon’ble prime Minister when I met you regarding the
>> Package for the Gujarat 2002 victims along with other activists from
>> Gujarat I had jokingly said, “The news that UPA has replaced NDA at
>> the centre has not reached your Home Ministry as yet’. I had said this
>> precisely in the connection of how the tainted officers promoted by
>> the BJP were still being pampered under the UPA.
>> The reason behind filing of the Affidavit by the Central Government
>> was to dissuade the Court from appointing a strong S I T and give a
>> message that even the Central Government had approved the act of fake
>> encounter. But for the magisterial enquiry the Central Home Ministry
>> had left no stone unturned to prove that Ishrat deserved to be killed.
>> The logic used always is what will happen to the morale of the
>> officers. My question is what happens to the morale of the officers
>> when they torture innocent young people, when they kill them, when
>> they illegally detain them, beat them. What happens to their morale
>> then? Do they just go home and sleep?
>> Why don’t we as nation stop playing the farce of being a secular
>> nation and why don’t we remove the article from the constitution which
>> says all citizens are equal?
>> The affidavit filed by the Home Ministry is a proof of the fact that
>> in Ishrat Jahan’s fake encounter case UPA has connived with the
>> Gujarat government in a blatantly communal manner. With 3 days to go
>> before assembly bye election in 7 seats in Gujarat 5 more innocent
>> boys have been picked up in Baroda and declared' terrorists'.
>> I do not know if this letter will be also lost on the way and find
>> itself in a dustbin as I have never received any acknowledgment from
>> your office, so I will be forced to circulate it to others to lodge a
>> strong protest against this blatant connivance of the Home Ministry
>> with the Gujarat government.
>> My request to you is that if your government has any political will
>> then please ask your home ministry to tender a public apology for
>> filing the affidavit against the innocent girl who was so brutally
>> murdered. It requires some courage and conviction.
>> You are fond of poetry.
>> Faiz ke chand lines apki nazar kar rahi hoon:
>> Tujh ko kitnon ka lahoo chahiye ae arz-i-watan, Jo tiray arz-i-berang
>> ko gulnaar karein
>> Kitni aahon se kaleja tira thanda hoga, Kitne aansoo tiray sehraon ko
>> gulzaar karein
>> (The blood of how many do you need O motherland;That which will
>> brighten your colourless earth;
>> How many sighs will soothe your heart; How many tears will cause your
>> deserts to bloom.)
>>  Sincerely Yours
>> Shabnam Hashmi
>> Member, National Integration Council
>> Cc: Media & fellow human rights activists
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> Rajen.
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