[Reader-list] fwd:An Open Letter to Hon'ble Prime Minister

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 23:05:20 IST 2009

Dear Malik jee

You have raised the issue of Afzal being not attacked whereas Modi being
attacked. The fact is that according to the chargesheet which the Delhi
police used, along with their investigation to prove that Afzal and others
are guilty, the facts suggested are of such a dubious nature, that right
from the Civil Court (lowest strata) to the Supreme Court (highest strata),
the Delhi police got a reprimand for not conducting investigations properly.
If you don't believe me, read the judgement.

What's ironic then is that the SC declared that to satisfy the collective
conscience of society, Afzal must be hanged. What is strange is that Afzal
has never said he was not guilty, but he hasn't accepted all accusations
against him. Moreover, he was a spy working for the Kashmir police, where he
was beaten to shreds. How many would know that?

How come a judgement based on a dubious chargesheet be acceptable to
rational human beings? Which is why I said that Modi should not be glorified
or villified. Similarly, even Afzal is being glorified or vilified, which is
not what we should do. If the facts on the ground state that Afzal has not
done the crime or not to the extent of deserving the death sentence, he
shouldn't have got it.

Which is why I feel the case needs to be re-investigated and re-trialled, as
quickly as possible. And if still the court finds him guilty based on
legally rational principles and facts, then hang him on 13th December. Don't
wait then

And the SC is not God that it hasn't made mistakes in the past. The SC has
time and again allowed the Sardar Sarovar dam to be built, even when again
and again it has been proved that the dam will never achieve its objectives.
Now you can find out for yourself what are the results of this dam. Even
Gujarati ministers concede Narmada water won't reach Kutch, which was one of
the principal objectives of the project. All at the cost of displacing

Look even in the judges' assets declaration bill. The SC judges have
accepted it after so much resistance. Why?



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