[Reader-list] more on state-sponsored fake encounters

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 18:17:55 IST 2009

I think we need to be careful in our words and deeds. A magistrate inquiry
is no substitute finally for what a court has to say, and for the moment the
Gujarat High Court has asked this report to be put aside and reorder an
inquiry into the incident. Hence, we must look into the issue and find out
what is happening.

What I find surprising is that this is an encounter where no person from the
police side is even injured, forget dead. If these people are terrorists, I
did expect that at least one among the law-enforcers would be hurt or
injured. This is one aspect which must be looked into.

Also, it seems to be a kind of great thing to just put all responsibility on
the LeT. In most of the cases, the Indian police and intelligence have no
proof to prove that Lashkar was responsible for the attacks. What are these
arguments then based upon? Fiction? Or saving one's own chair?

If a proof is found out, why not put the facts out in public with proofs to
prove the point? Even the bank accounts obtained in terrorists' name, their
balances and transactions are not shown before the public. The masterminds
keep changing everyday, and sometimes every hour as well. What next? Every
minute change of theirs?

In one single sentence, our investigations into terror attacks are 'andhere
mein teer chalana'. (shooting arrows in the dark, not knowing where is the
target to be shot at).



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