[Reader-list] more on state-sponsored fake encounters

Lalit Ambardar lalitambardar at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 10 19:37:31 IST 2009

Batla House  encounter in Delhi , last
year, saw the killing of a senior police officer, yet some on this forum & outside
denounced it to be a ‘fake’ even before any ‘enquiry’ was commissioned.


Army & other
security men keep falling to the bullets of the pan Islamists in Kashmir- Major
Akash Singh being the latest martyr who was killed in an encounter day before yesterday
yet there is not a word against the zealots responsible for the continued cycle of ‘death
& destruction’ in Kashmir, in the name of illusive  ‘azadi’ .    

Regards all


ps: It is not to justify
fake encounters. The case in question must be thoroughly investigated/ tried to
establish the truth.


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> I think we need to be careful in our words and deeds. A magistrate inquiry
> is no substitute finally for what a court has to say, and for the moment the
> Gujarat High Court has asked this report to be put aside and reorder an
> inquiry into the incident. Hence, we must look into the issue and find out
> what is happening.
> What I find surprising is that this is an encounter where no person from the
> police side is even injured, forget dead. If these people are terrorists, I
> did expect that at least one among the law-enforcers would be hurt or
> injured. This is one aspect which must be looked into.
> Also, it seems to be a kind of great thing to just put all responsibility on
> the LeT. In most of the cases, the Indian police and intelligence have no
> proof to prove that Lashkar was responsible for the attacks. What are these
> arguments then based upon? Fiction? Or saving one's own chair?
> If a proof is found out, why not put the facts out in public with proofs to
> prove the point? Even the bank accounts obtained in terrorists' name, their
> balances and transactions are not shown before the public. The masterminds
> keep changing everyday, and sometimes every hour as well. What next? Every
> minute change of theirs?
> In one single sentence, our investigations into terror attacks are 'andhere
> mein teer chalana'. (shooting arrows in the dark, not knowing where is the
> target to be shot at).
> Regards
> Rakesh
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