[Reader-list] 'The Gujarat police are in denial about post-Godhra riots'

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Mon Sep 14 20:04:13 IST 2009

After spending five years in the high-security Sabarmati jail in Gujarat,
Maulana Mohammed Naseeruddin was granted bail by the Supreme Court on
September 4.

He was arrested by the Gujarat police in October 21, 2004 and booked under
the Prevention Of Terrorism Act for allegedly having links with
Pakistan-based terror groups. Later, he was accused of plotting the murder
of former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya.
EXCERPTS from an interview*: *
Could you share some of the interactions you had with the Gujarat police
while you were in their custody?

The Gujarat police were in complete denial of any violence in Gujarat post
the Godhra riots. They kept telling me there was no problem between the
Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat and each community was living in harmony. They
kept saying I was unnecessarily provoking the youth across the country on
the basis of the Gujarat riots.

They tried so hard to convince me that everything was always peaceful. On
one occasion, while I was being taken to court, the police stopped the jeep
near a bazaar. The inspector told me to take a look at a nearby building. He
said, 'See, this building belongs to a Hindu, but all the tenants are
Muslims. Look at the environment here, will you still claim that injustice
is being meted out to Muslims in Gujarat?'

I did not say anything to the police at that time. But you tell me, was I
wrong in raising my voice? Do you really expect me to believe that
everything was peaceful in Gujarat?

Were you tortured by the Gujarat police?
No, they did not torture me either physically or mentally. I won't accuse
them of things that they have not done.


-regards Anupam

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