[Reader-list] Sep 17 Vijay Prashad, Sep 24 Chris Marker

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Wed Sep 16 12:57:58 IST 2009

On the next two Thursdays, there are programs in conjunction with the
"Live True Life or Die Trying" project at Cue Art Foundation. Hope you
can attend.


Conversation with Vijay Prashad
Introduction by DJ Spooky
Thursday, September 17th
Cue Art Foundation
511 West 25th Street, (between 10 & 11th Ave), Ground Floor
New York

Chris Marker's "Case of the Grinning Cat"
Thursday, September 24th
Screening in Lecture Hall, Room 101
5 Washington Place (between West 4th & Waverly Place)


Vijay Prashad

Vijay Prashad is author of "Darker Nations: A People's History Of The
Third World", "Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting: Afro-Asian Connections
and the Myth of Cultural Purity", "The Karma of Brown Folk", "Keeping
Up With the Dow Joneses", "Fat Cats & Running Dogs: The Enron State of
Capitalism", etc. Prashad is a Marxist and co-founder of the Forum of
Indian Leftists (FOIL). Prashad, along with FOIL member Biju Mathew,
is a consistent opponent of resurgent Hindu cultural nationalism
('Hindutva'). He has also emerged as an early critic of Obama's
appointment of controversial figures such as Sonal Shah of Indicorps.



The Case of the Grinning Cat

A long time ago I met the graffiti artist M Chat in the lower east
side. He wanted our help to organize a rally, but he had to stay
anonymous. Over drinks, he drew his cat on dollar bills and handed
each note to us as a gift. He was in New York as Marker's emissary. So
far I had been used to Guillaume, now there was a flesh & blood
man/boy. He was delightful and funny, and under the skin a sharp
political tongue. He was an appropriate stand-in. As we watched Iraq,
headscarf and that ghastly Le Pen unfold on screen, I kept my eye open
for that darn cat.

The next day M Chat was gone, and in his place new ghostly trails and
a few smiles painted on hard to reach walls.


All events are free & open to public.

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