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Sep 16, 2009


Inspiring Stories is a MetaGood project (www.metagood.org) which seeks
to unearth stories of inspiring individuals and groups who are doing
work that is making a difference and enabling positive changes in our
society. These stories would be captured through interviews, photo &
video documentaries and would be disseminated over the MetaGood website
& spin-off books.

Themes For Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories will run stories aligned to a few themes because this
will allow us to have depth and focus and will also enable us to create
spin-offs such as theme specific books that will be released under
Creative Commons licensing at cost only pricing.

The 7 themes that Inspiring Stories will run (sequentially) are:

1. Inspiring Career Transitions
2. Social Entrepreneurs / Innovators
3. Stories Of Sustainable Business
4. Inspiring People In The Government
5. Stories Of Inspiring Underprivileged
6. Inspiring Students
7. Inspiring Social Change Movements

Theme & Story Formats

Each of the themes will run for 20 stories. Theme 1 will start first and
once we're through with 20 stories in it, we'd move to Theme 2 and so
on. The story length would be between 3,000 & 4,000 words with 5-7
associated images.

We have a freelance program in which we commission stories to interested
writers and pay Rs 10,000 for each story successfully completed.

Creative Commons Licensing

These stories would be put up on the MetaGood website and also other
formats such as books for each theme. We'd be releasing the stories
under a Creative Commons license enabling noncommercial reuse of the
stories by other entities.

Looking For Freelancers & Story Ideas

If you would like to participate either as a freelancer or you know of
someone who would make a great person to feature in one of our stories,
then please reach out to me on
nirat at metagood.org<http://us.mc544.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=nirat%40metagood.org>or
call me on + 91


Nirat Bhatnagar

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