[Reader-list] The spectre haunts on.

subhrodip sengupta sub_sengupta at yahoo.co.in
Wed Sep 16 21:37:52 IST 2009

Isn't this Racism. Worse than singling out, this is thought at popular level, a clear conflict between how influential sections think, violating all hopes and assuarances generated.  The spectre lives on, even as we are discussing at a level.  I still wonder which are the sections who think thus and what leads them to.
It haunts me, I too have travell plans to Australia. Every time it disappears yet it haunts us. Ironically today some of us were talking of racism here.

Three Indians attacked in Australia 
Tue, Sep 15 01:19 PM
After a brief lull in attacks on Indians in Australia, two students and their uncle were "brutally bashed" by a group of around 70 youth while playing here.
26-year-old Sukhdip Singh, his brother Gurdeep Singh and uncle Mukhtair Singh were attacked by the group when they were playing pool in the eastern suburb of Epping on Saturday.
"At around 11'o clock my brother-in-law Sukhdip was playing pool along with few family members when they were attacked by around 70 locals who were attending a party," the victim's relative Onkar Singh told PTI.
"They were quitely playing and were trying to avoid trouble even after these locals were trying to provoke them by passing comments," he said.
The group started telling them to go back to their country. "When they reached the car park to leave the place a huge crowd attacked them and started bashing. The attackers were in their teens and around twenties," he said.
Onkar claimed police have informed him that six of the 70 attackers have been arrested.
The attacks come a month after Australian government assured External Affairs Minister SM Krishna, during his visit here, that Indian students will be protected. Around 30 Indian students were attacked in various cities from June to August.

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