[Reader-list] Say ‘No’ to Uranium mining in Meghalaya

Yousuf ysaeed7 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 20:33:26 IST 2009

Say ‘No!’ to Uranium mining in Meghalaya
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Petition created by: Baniaikynmaw L Shanpru

We’ll keep this as informal as possible and just as simple. We belong to a group “Say ‘No!’ to Uranium mining in Meghalaya”. This group was formed after the Meghalaya State Government gave the go-ahead for the pre-developmental construction to the Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. at the proposed mining site in West Khasi hills of Meghalaya.
As the name suggests, we are vehemently against the mining of this super-unstable element. We do not mean to be anti-establishment and nor de we have any political ambitions. We simply care and are very concerned with the impending doom that the future would hold for the people of Meghalaya in general and the villages of West Khasi hills in particular if the uranium is allowed to be mined.


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