[Reader-list] WWF - Canon Photo Contest 'Framed' ( LAST Date : 30 September 2009 )

rohitrellan at aol.in rohitrellan at aol.in
Sat Sep 19 15:44:19 IST 2009

They’re pristine, they’re mighty and they’re awe-inspiring, yet their 
fragility stares at us while we position our cameras and capture their 
beauty. The Himalayas are among the world’s most venerated mountain 
ranges, yet today they face threats like climate change and impacts of 
human pressure. If you’ve seen them and captured them on camera then 
send in your photos to the WWF-Canon photo contest, FRAMED, and stand a 
chance to win some great prizes.

Pictures speak… so lend us your mountain stories by participating in 
FRAMED is the first of many activities under WWF’s ‘Green Hiker’ 
campaign. ‘Green Hiker’ is an initiative taken by WWF to help reduce 
the impacts of tourism pressure on the highly vulnerable Himalayan eco 
region. This is a small step in WWF’s efforts to conserve this majestic 
mountain region and its high altitude wetlands. Join the campaign on 
the WWF-India website and spread the message of conservation.



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