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Visionance Concert

Thursday, 01.10. & Friday 02.10.2009

18:30 p.m.

Auditorium, Information Centre

Bahá'í House of Worship (Lotus Temple)

Thursday, October 1, 6.30 pm

Friday, October 2, 6.30 pm

Thursday, October 1, 6.30 pm


A program with european avant-garde films from the 1920s

This unique program will bring together some of the most influential

filmic works of the German and French avant-garde of the 1920s. Hans

Richter, Walter Ruttmann, Viking Eggeling, Man Ray, Germaine Dulac,

Marcel Duchamp just to name a few, are among those who were exploring

the formal and visual potential of film in a groundbreaking way in that

era. This program will contain films like Rhythmus 21 and Symphonie

Diagonale, experiments of form, light and rhythm and some of the most

interesting experiments of poetic visual narration, such as Invitaion

au voyage and L´Etoile de Mer.

Eunice Martins – Performer, composer, researcher - will provide the

Sound/Music for this program.


Friday, October 2, 6.30 pm

Visionance - Drops from nowhere

The drop of water

Lands perfectly poised

On the leaf lip

That caresses the rose bud

Does one hear the clouds float by

Visionance is a unique concert comprising=2
0a visual-audio musical



0the poesis of the drop of water - a micro cosmos, fluid and

translucent - in a visual music set to the piano. A poetical

reverberation of the fine interSpaces in music, visual composition,

time and silence.

This is the main concert of the visionance project, consisting also of

the 2 day workshop in September. It comprises a set of visual films and

compositions by Giti Thadani, visual composer and researcher, and a

musical performance by Eunice Martins on the Piano.

For further information please contact: 011 - 2332 9506 ext. no. - 110

Entry through passes, available at Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan


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