[Reader-list] Celebrate Bandra Festival Souvenir - Call for Submissions

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Wed Sep 30 12:07:14 IST 2009

The Celebrate Bandra Festival happens once every two years in Bandra. 
This year, the festival will be in November. I'm helping curate the 
literature section. More about past festivals at celebratebandra.net 
(the site won't be updated with this year's schedule for a little while 
Here's the brief. 
"You're My Home": you live in Bandra, so what makes it home? (If you 
don't live in Bandra, imagine it). The trees, the birds, the air, your 
nosy neighbours, your generous and helpful neighbours, their culture 
and yours, the sea, the waves, the aromas, the convenience, the 
excitement. It's home, so like every home, it has ups, it has downs. 
But what is it about the environment of Bandra, seen as broadly as you 
can, that makes it home for you? 
You can submit anything that can appear in print (without spending 
enormous amounts of money): essays, short fiction, poetry, play 
scripts, illustrations, photographs. 
Please email your submissions to celebrate.bandra.festival at gmail.com 
Last date for submissions: September 30th, 11:59p.m. 
You can make more than one stand-alone submission, but please do so in 
separate emails, to help the selection process. 
For text submissions 
• Your submission must be close to, but not over, the 1000 word mark. 
• Please paste your text into the body of the email. No attachments, 
• Please use one of these subject lines: Souvenir Submission20- short 
story, Souvenir Submission - poem, Souvenir Submission - essay, or 
Souvenir Submission - script. 
For photographs, scanned illustrations or computer-generated art 
• Please submit only one piece. (A picture being worth a thousand words 
and all that.) 
• You can include a short (not more than 100 words) descriptor or 
caption in the body of your email. 
• If your image is a very large file, please upload it online 
somewhere* and mail in a link. 
• If you think you must submit more than one image as part of the same 
entry, then please mail in only one, but add a description of what the 
rest of the series will be like, or upload the additional material 
elsewhere and send in a link. If we want to see the rest, we'll mail 
• Please use one of these subject lines: Souvenir Submission - 
photograph, Souvenir Submission - illustration, or Souvenir Submission 
- digital art 
In one paragraph at the end of your email, please include your name, 
postal address, email address and a phone number, land or cellular, 
where you can be reached during the day and in the evenings. 
By submitting, you declare that the work is your own, or that you have 
collaborated in its creation and are authorised to submit on behalf of 
the collective. Please remember Indi
a's laws on libel and obscenity. 
And for visual art submissions that depict people, especially 
photographs, please make=2 
0sure you have your subject's permission. For any form of 'found art,' 
text or visual, please ensure that you are not infringing India's 
copyright laws. 
Entries will be short-listed by Rahul Goswami. Rahul is an intermittent 
Bandra resident, and otherwise a researcher working on the links 
between economic growth, livelihoods and agriculture. 
The short-list will then be judged by Dilip D'Souza, writer and 
journalist, who is the editor of the souvenir, and Joe Campana, and the 
selected submissions will appear in print. Updates on the lists will be 
posted to this blog, and, if it's ready by then, the updated Celebrate 
Bandra website. 
Rewards: the joy of seeing your work in print, and contributing towards 
the Celebrate Bandra effort. We are trying to get some small prizes for 
the best entries, but this is very unlikely, so don't count on it. 
Update: The top five entries, across categories, will be marked as such 
in the souvenir, and, yes, will get small prizes. 
Do please pass this on to friends and well-wishers, from Bandra or 
elsewhere. Feel free to copy this text to your website or blog, and to 
online forums where you know it will be welcome. 

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