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Inder Salim indersalim at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 15:38:49 IST 2009

Thanks dear Kshmendra

it is true that my art  thrives by extremes. paradoxically, for
example my on going exhibition in Mumbai at The Loft wont happen if
the siutation in Kashmir was not so, as we know. please have a look at
some images http://indersalim.livejournal.com   . I mix personal with
the political and self with the other, life with the death....

no worries, dont call it art even, but it is something, some madness,
some form of madness without which,  perhaps , we dont have a simple
understanding of art even, The problem is that  we have over glossed
it more than we need to, and, needless to emphasize that naturewise,
we  human beings on earth, are really in bad shape, and so how to talk
about aesthetics, and yes, for someone who reads her/his emails in a
ari conditioned space/ room, this vital form of madness needs to enter
in a glossed form, but..

Your comment is sincerely provocative, and that really suits me.
Because i am not really thinking of layering of the existing
aesthetic order, but sensitizing it, in the first place by connecting
'self' with the 'dead' or other.  The River is dead, a declared dead
and so how do we celebrate the dead.. Dont we have ritual for that,
which are part of our religous belief, and here i have found my own
way to communcate with the dead in the contemporary sense, a ritual
which  none should follow, or feel to follow in their own new way.
After all we are human beings, and know the value of practices which
are beyond logic.

It is here, you comment comes handy, because , it has truely meant to
think of the pollution. And who is pollutiig the earth except the us.

so, death with the death, you can have a feeling of this in Banaras
even, but hat is single tract connection with the death, but here it
is about the death of earth, so very sad,

thanks for comment
inder salim

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 2:56 PM, Kshmendra Kaul <kshmendra2005 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear Inder
> Looks like you managed to further pollute the Yamuna.
> Kshmendra
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> Dear all
> please press to read in the OPEN MAGAZINE
> http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/true-life/blood-in-the-river
> --
> love regards
> inder salim
> http://indersalim.livejournal.com
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