[Reader-list] Personal Identity Data and Mass Murder in India

Shashidhar shashidhar at butterfliesindia.org
Tue Jun 1 09:49:14 IST 2010

Dear Taha,

Spoken like a true commie or a leftist, as far as I remember you were the
one to start the arguments with personal attacks, freely calling people
names. Please do filter my name and as far as I see it there is nothing I
have said that is offensive, infact "if convinced apply for a PIL" was yours
man..., you called me an apologetic for the UID and some other nasty
things... Relax boss you are the one with confusion, everyone else seems to
be arguing with their thoughts and ideas well grounded.

And  please do not act like a cry baby, does not merit the kind of language
and aggressive stance you adopt in most of your posts. 


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Dear Shashi,

Vainly  talking a person instead of directing ones attention to his view
maybe read as a sign of weakness and frustration. It might demonstrate that
perhaps one has run out of reason. I hope that's not the case here. I hope
we can have some decency in exchanging our ideas and points of views. If you
don't like what I am say then I suggest you use a filter and trash every
conversation which bears my email address. Other wise I hope we can atleast
show respect  to each other for holding our point of views.

Warm regards


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