[Reader-list] Personal Identity Data and Mass Murder in India

Taha Mehmood 2tahamehmood at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 1 12:44:25 IST 2010

Dear Shashidhar,

Although I do not agree with you but I take your word and I apologize
if you have been distressed by it.

Lets take this as an opportunity to look at issue again:

My doubts:

1. UID is premised on a notion of identity.

Identity seems fuzzy.

Does that make UID fuzzy?

( That is a question, a doubt and not my position or my argument)

2. 1,50,000 Crore or more may go towards this exercise.

Should GOI spare so much money to subsidize a failed sector?

If employment seems to be the underlying assumption

Can we think of alternatives? Could this scale of investment result in
more employment in handloom sector for instance?

3. UID seems to be about creating a back-end repository for personal
identities just like a bank is a repository for money.

Isn't it a responsibility of a bank to protect the money others have
given to them as deposits, when we give our identities to UID, the UID
does not even holds itself responsible for safekeeping it, instead it
wants to punish the subcontractors working at its behest.

Isn't it bizzare?

Warm regards


PS:  Regarding your agony:

you called me an apologetic for the UID and some other nasty

On Wednesday, 12th May 2010, in a reply to your mail, I wrote-

You seem to me, like an outright apologist for UID, are you? or are
you one of those dudes who are paid to manage banter on virtual
forums. You know frankly, I am not bothered who you are. And I am
terribly sorry if that sounds offensive because I did not intend it to
be so.


You see I asked a question. Because to me you seemed like one, you
seem like one to me even now but I am not sure if you are, so will you
not please clear this air.

Like I am doing, I have no hesitation in giving my fingerprints if UID
people come to my place but at the same time I have certain doubts
about some fundamental confusion which this organization has. And I
try to make share it with others and I will continue to do so
regardless of anyone saying anything.

I don't seem to understand why that sounds 'nasty' to you if you agree
with the idea of UID,  What's the harm in being a proud apologist if
one were to totally believe in UID. In the goodness which this
organization is bound to spread. Why should it matter to one, what
other people are saying because one knows and believes that there is
something essentially good about this idea isn't it and one is willing
to talk about it to anyone. Why did it hurt you when someone asked you
a question? Now I inquired whether you were an apologist and begged
for your pardon also then and there for this audacity. Just to put
things in perspective.

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