[Reader-list] Network of fraudsters bleeds BSNL

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Tue Jun 1 13:06:04 IST 2010

Dear All

Intricate social networks (jaan-pehchan) seems to come in play to
subvert a rational arrangement set by BSNL to extract money and
provide service. The subversion is happening by producing fake
identities. How will UID deal with externalities? How for instance UID
will tackle a possible network of private vendors and a market wherein
digital copies of databases of personal identities may freely float.
We don't know as yet? There seems to be no thinking on this account.
We seem to be more interested in praising jobs for IT subsidized by
public money at this moment.

 Please read the story below for more.

Warm regards



A vast network of fraudsters is causing huge losses to Bharat Sanchar
Nigam Limited (BSNL). These people are making money after procuring
ISD SIMs on fake identities, later disposing them after utilising
their service up to several thousand rupees.

A case in point recently came to light when Hazratganj police arrested
a youth Shahid Iqbal, who managed to get BSNL ISD SIMs on fake
identities. Hazratganj senior sub inspector (SSI) KK Tripathi said he
had confessed that he had procured about six such SIMs and sold it to
different persons in Kanpur. These persons used ISD services on these
SIMs before discarding them.

The SSI said, “We are probing the network which made lakhs of rupees
by fraudulently  utilising ISD services and causing huge losses to the

The arrested youth has been sent to jail on charges of fraud. He would
be taken on remand for interrogation, he added. Tripathi said the case
came to light when BSNL’s finance section, while probing a case, found
a SIM, which had unpaid dues of Rs 85,000, issued on fake identity.
The identity proof bore the name of a Gonda resident Vinay Singh but
with someone else’s photograph. He said most calls through the fake
SIM was made to Gulf countries.

BSNL DGM (Finance) Panchami Lal also lodged an FIR against a
franchisee, which verifies the identity of SIM cardholders, about ten
days ago. But later it was found during investigation that the SIM
card was issued before the franchise agency was handed over the
contract of verification. The SIM was issued when verification work
was done by another agency. Lal said, “Yes, its true. The case has
come to our knowledge and we have registered an FIR. Presently, we
have only one case of fraud in out knowledge.” However, he did not
rule out there could be more such cases. He said further investigation
would be done after getting more details about from police in this

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