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We are proud to present the second issue of *Wide Screen*. Go to:

Editorial - Kuhu Tanvir
On Not Being a Fan: Masculine Identity, DVD Culture and the Accidental
Collector - Caroline Bainbridge, Candida Yates
Aura, Auteurism and the Key to Reserva - Kartik Nair
Multiculturalism and Morphing in I’m Not There - Zélie Asava
Urban Imagination and the Cinema of Jafar Panahi - Sarah Niazi
Visual Story Telling and History As A Great Toy in The Lives of Others -
Gerry Coulter
Film Analysis: A Comparison among Criticism, Interpretation, Analysis and
Close Analysis - Elisa Pezzotta
“Bhagat Singh Topless, Waving In Jeans”: Melancholia Through Mimesis In Rang
De Basanti - Kshama Kumar
Loss and Mourning: Cinema's 'Language' of Trauma in Waltz with Bashir -
Natasha Jane Mansfield
“We must be doing something right to last two hundred years”: Nashville, or
the American bicentennial as viewed by Robert Altman - Chris Louis Durham

The Cinema of Matteo Garrone - Roberta Di Carmine

*Book Reviews*
Film Festival Yearbook 1 - Kuhu Tanvir

*Film Reviews*
4 - Avirup Ghosh
The Secret in Their Eyes - Kuhu Tanvir

Kuhu Tanvir

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