[Reader-list] Help sought for a documentary film on handcart operators in Bombay

Chandni Parekh chandni_parekh at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 13:53:09 IST 2010

See if you would like to help Sudeep with your ideas, knowledge and/or skills.

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From: Sudeep Pagedar <sudeeppagedar at gmail.com>
Date: 1 June 2010 
Subject: Want to make a documentary film?


I want to make a documentary film on non-native hand-cart operators in Mumbai since the rise of the MNS. Need to put together a team in Mumbai. I need five to six dedicated individuals, preferably in the age group of 18-25. 
Previous film-making/photography experience is not necessary, but preferable. You should be willing to travel extensively within the city. Your work with me would involve everything from brainstorming sessions to research, to conducting and recording interviews, to shooting the documentary. And some more. As regards monetary compensation, I can sponsor rounds of chai/snacks intermittently, but cannot give payment otherwise. 

Why should you consider this? Because not only is it interesting and informative to learn about and document the various ways of life and livelihood in Mumbai, but making a film goes on your record to show that you have a creative bent and have a passion for developing your skills in this area. Also, you will be telling a story that not too many people would be aware of, and through your work, you will manage to generate interest in your subject, and learn the basics of the link between audio-visual media and advocacy. 
Please get in touch with me if 

a) you are interested, 
b) you reside in Mumbai, and 
c) you are willing to dedicate 3-4 hours of your time (if not more) at least three days a week.

If you're not interested yourself, but know someone who might want to do this, please let them know. 
You may either email me or send me a private message on Facebook if you are on my list. 
I would like to get started soon, so if you're willing to join me, please contact me ASAP.  

Sudeep Pagedar


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