[Reader-list] BENGALI'S BAD LUCK

Bipin Trivedi aliens at dataone.in
Sun Jun 6 11:50:30 IST 2010

Kolkata municipality and WB Palika was captured by Mamtha of TMC.

Though I do not endorse CPI/CPIM policies till date, but their few leaders
change themselves and started some real developmental work for benefit of
the WB people. So, CPI/Buddhadev is far better than Mamtha as CM.

Poor WB people have a bad luck. CM Mr. Buddhadev of CPI has started real
development work and initiated step for WB people benefit and progress but I
could not understand why Bengali do not want progress. It is unfortunate
that Mamtha probably next CM of WB and people position will become even
worse. it is unfortunate that Mamtha by supporting maoist getting power
their and poor people do not understand this. God save them. Still it is
time for people of WB to understand this and should not elect TMC/Mamtha as
next CM.

God bless them.


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