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Know your RAW <http://bositiveneuj.blogspot.com/2010/06/know-your-raw.html>

*Who was the first RAW agint in Bakistan?*

Bappa RAWal

*Where is the RAW HQ situated in Bakistan?*


*Name the Epic written by Kaffir Leo Tolstoy*

RAW and Peace
*Name the RAW agent in Hindu ( Kaffir) Mythology*

*Which Chanakian bania PM of India was also a RAW agent?*

Narasimha RAW
*Who is behind sectarian strife in Bakistan?*


*Which Australian fast bowler who performed exceedingly well against
Bakistan, was also a RAW agent?*

Glenn McGRAW

*Which Rock N Roll band of the 80s was formed as part of a conspiracy to
wean Bakistani youth away from the HoKo?*

RAWling Stones

*Name the RAW agent trying to wean Bakistani kids away from the HoKO by
authoring the haraam Harry Potter series?*

Jaswinder Kaur RAWling

*Which famous Frenchman(RAW agent) predicted the break-up of India and the
subsequent downward spiral of Bakistan ?*


*Who fathered neo Brophet(Pubic lice Be upon Him) Zaid Zaman Hamid?*


*What do you call a Pakistani muslim RAW agent?*

Rat deserting a sinking ship

*How many RAW agents does it take to change the light bulb correctly?*

We will let the readers know after load -shedding

*What did the African say to his Bakistani friend after reading about the
80% increase in retarded children being born in Bakistan?*

RAWL down the rubber man

*What is the Bakistani slang word for Fiscal deficit?*

RAW conspiracy


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