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Mon Jun 7 04:02:16 IST 2010

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 10:08 PM, Rajendra Bhat Uppinangadi wrote:

> fed up with high handed rule of this CM gravitated towards the left, which
> did well in the first 15 years with land reforms, extending the land to the
> landless to cultivate, but unfortunately, later the craze for unbridled
> "development" playing in to the hands of Corporates saw the CM, and left
> cadres getting in to organised violence, parting company with those who
> opposed them, thus giving birth to maoism and naxalism with poor joining the
> bandwagon of naxalism for the hunger to quell, reddest of the red became the
> naxals, with violence being the only language that was expressed against the
> left and the rule of law.

No the so-called maoists are more like TMC hired mercenaries and have
no real mass base in West Bengal. They form part of a big business
level trans-state extortion and crime racket.

State Govts in India do not have much rights in following their own
development strategies. The WB govt's final strategy has been to
resist the liberalisation strategy to the extent possible. Yes, the
state has developed a lot in all sectors. It has done better in
agriculture. Some of the joint sector and private projects can be
found in :

The orchestrated Gobbelian disinformation campaign in the print media
and channels like ibn-cnn and others also seem to have had on effect
on sections of the urban population.

>And voters can be sure of TMC winning the finals, this being semi
> final, but the irresponsible mamatha and her dramatics is no substitute for

Election results are not determined in that way.  The muncipal polls
concerned a small part  of the urban electorate. .. there are too many
factors including the money power used by the TMC on the urban poor.
The Left may even win the next elections with a comfortable margin.
This is the reason the TMC fascists are continuing their violent
attacks even after the polls.


A. Mani

A. Mani

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