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Dear Mr. Mani,

" Yatho Hasta Thatho Drishti,
Yatho Drishti Thatho Manah
Yatho Manah Thatho Bhaava,
Yatho Bhaava Thatho Rasa "

Where the hands are, go the eyes
Where the eyes are, goes the mind
Where the mind goes, there is bhava (expression of inner feeling)... Where there is bhava, rasa (mood or sentiment) is evoked.    Source: Natyashastra

The articles mentioned by you, are full of inconsistencies, information on Rajneesh, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, etc etc. Maharshi Mahesh Yogi claim to fame was not the Beatles, his claim to fame was transcendental meditation.  If one goes looking for faults who in this world is faultless. 

What the world is lacking right now is any form of spirituality and if we look to demonise and kill the little spirituality we have left, may the devil save us.


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A. Mani

A. Mani
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