[Reader-list] Inviting Applications for the Commutiny Learning and Leadership Journey Fellowships

Chandni Parekh chandni_parekh at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 11:03:41 IST 2010

Excerpts from http://bit.ly/aLOjw0 -

>From Manak

The Commutiny Learning
and Leadership Journey is a Year long programme offered by Commutiny -
The Youth Collective (CYC) to support Young people in undertaking an
intensive journey  for personal learning and reflection combined with
an opportunity to lead an independent social change experiment.
is a group of progressive and like minded individuals/ organizations
from across the country, who have a passion and belief in the power of
young people to bring about social change. 

We are looking for young
people between 18 to 30 years who have strong ideas and strong desires to create social
change; who want to explore, search, learn and lead - who believe in
working with and transforming themselves as they work with their
might have come across such young persons who could benefit from
participating in the Commutiny Learning and Leadership Journey. Please
support us by passing on/ sharing this information and encouraging
young people to apply, we would be most grateful. 
Details about the program and the application forms are attached for your information. The website www.commutiny.in contains further information about the programme. 

The last date for applications is 30 June 2010.


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