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The Bhopal tragedy gets a communal twist.... brothers this is what happens to all dialogue in India, everything gets either a caste, or a communal twist and the real issue gets forgotten. Forget Anderson, what about  the Indian dudes who were running the company, where are they, two years for collectively slaughtering 15 thousand people, Salman Khan got a punishment of 6 years for killing Deer, cmon our country really is too much. To be blamed are the TV Channels taking the blame away from all those who can be prosequted, taking the focus aaway from all those who need help to the old Mr. Anderson who is so frail that he is anyway going to not last for too long.

There must be a way in which we can all collectively bring everyone, the entire workforce of that stupid union carbide factory, the politicos who never bothered and make them live in that dungeon for the rest of their lives. Everyone gets away too easy in this country. 25 years on we have someone who is giving the entire thing a communal cover and other who are having a blast... cmon..


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I am not sure about the Muslim credentials of the culprits, I think Arjun 
Singh is not a Muslim. Khurshid was called a "bhade ka Musalman" by Ms. 
Bhutto. Justices are, by and large, not religious, justice Bhagwandas became 
chief justice of Pakistan for a while.
But what is clear is that the "intellectuals" those who determine the 
dominant narrative in Indian political context, are frustratingly soft on 
Congress government. We read a detailed history of CPI(M)'s criminal past in 
West Bengal on this list. We are taken back to Gujarat riots as soon as Modi 
or BJP is mentioned. Congress is hardly mentioned in the emails of the 
intellectual hegemons. It is obliquely mentioned as Indian government some 
times, but not as congress. The party that supported dropping of bombs on 
its own people in Mizoram, the party that orchestrated massacre of sikhs in 
1984, seems to have a clean past. Apparently you have to be a Muslim to 
claim victimhood. And then too, a Muslim tormented by the government of a 
party that is not Congress

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> Bipin,
> where did I say that bhopal tragic incident was a communal attack, I
> reiterate, the victims were mostly muslims, and the affected were poor
> muslims, but I see it as human tragedy, messed up by the system of
> governance, and can you imagine who are the villains in the whole tragedy,
> here are the details for all to ponder over:
> Arjun Singh, the Chief minister of the stste, saw to it that arrested 
> warren
> anderson is released and transported to delhi from guest house by CM's
> plane, to onward journet to america,Justice Ahmedi, former Chief Justice 
> of
> india, diluted the charges from 304  to 304 A, and became rewarded person
> being the trustee of the 87 million dollars trust of the funds meant for 
> the
> victims so that none to ask accountability of disbursement.!
> CBI was asked not to follow up the extradition work of Warren Anderson by
> none other than salman Khursheed, minister of state, Ministry of external
> affairs,and all of these gentlemen are either "muslims" or champions who
> stste that they are messiahs for the downtrodden, poor and minorities.!
> Who are struggling for justice, the facts are, not Teesta, not Memon the
> advocate,but selfless work of the many who are hindus.! So the individuals
> who say that hindus are intolerent should learn to observe the double game
> played by the oldest party in harassing muslims, seeing to it that they do
> not even get compensation in even pittance, under the able Justice ahmedi
> who is trustee of $87 million trust set up as part of the deal struck with
> union carbide.
> Now, again, a committee is formed to further delay, then another committee
> will be to suggest methods of implementation of the compensation and then
> one more for accommodating the useless, spineless CBI officers, who are
> retired to supervise the cover ups, is all we can expect as common 
> citizens
> in the democratic governance from the system.!
> Honest PM when went for world bank work, came back as lapdog of Bush, went
> ahead with n-deal of civil Nuclear use, now, without much debate wants the
> No liabilty bill for the suppliers of plants from the suppliers as he has
> only to gain for the first family, and his hefty pension from world bank.
> montek is another babu who even after retirement is in a position to take
> care of american interests and not indian safeguards for the citizens of
> india. Just watch and enjoy.!
> love and regards,rajen.
> On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 4:47 PM, Bipin Trivedi <aliens at dataone.in> wrote:
>>  Dear Rajendra,
>> Have you said that Bhopal tragedy is communal attack? I don’t think it 
>> so.
>> Muslims were more victims in this tragedy that is what you have 
>> mentioned.
>> Habit to see everything in communal eye is strange thing.
>> Thanks
>> Bipin
> -- 
> Rajen.
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