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if you want me to endorse your views, i can say that it might be true. there
was no denial from my side as unlike you, i do not have so much of
information about it. i know one thing for sure. a pil was filed against the
proposed transfer of wastes to Ankleshwar in 2005, after an MoU was signed
between Guj and MP government. one of the most recent developments is
setting up of a JV plant with Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited and Dow
for manufacturing of methyl polymers. incidentally, Ankleshwar was declared
the most critically polluted taluka in India, even when MoU was signed.

also, could you qualify when have i used the word "attack" in my posts to
describe this tragedy? although,  'attack' can be used described what
happened, as the accused have been booked under culpable homicide.


On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 6:22 PM, Rajendra Bhat Uppinangadi <
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> Anupam, I do not know why you want to bring "attack" in this human tragedy.
> by the way, many lives are lost, many more are affected by the chemical
> effects of this tragedy, most victims are muslims, and Justice ahmadi, then
> chief justice of India diluted the charge of criminal culpable homicide to
> criminal negligence, these are facts of the tragedy, even today this Justice
> is "serving" the humanity by being the main trustee of 87 million dollars
> trust, and he is not doing it for free ofcourse, none of us would dare to
> talk about the service rendered at the cost to humanity.!
> Regards,
> rajen.
> On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 6:12 PM, anupam chakravartty <c.anupam at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Rajendra,
>> May be Anupam wants to drag some other external matters in to this human
>> tragedy
>> What are you trying to say? what external matters? could you explain
>> yourself? or you have used my name with this, so at least tell me what makes
>> you say this? Bipin and Pawan enjoy your statements about bhopal tragedy, of
>> it being communal. Not me, so dont drag me along with yhid. on an other
>> post, you started asking why am i quiet about this 'communal' angle in the
>> bhopal incident. it is you only, who has been talking about it. If required,
>> i can very reproduce, the statements made by you.
>> regards anupam
>>   On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 5:59 PM, Rajendra Bhat Uppinangadi <
>> rajen786uppinangady at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>  Bipin, thanks,
>>> for putting up the right perspective of the fact that muslims were the
>>> victims of this tragedy, and the persons who perpetretated this tragedy
>>> all
>>> are loyalists to the first family of Congress, be it R K Dhavan and P C
>>> Alexander who telephoned for the safe passage of Warren Anderson, these
>>> two
>>> are kept in good humour by first family for the favours extended to the
>>> first family.
>>> May be Anupam wants to drag some other external matters in to this human
>>> tragedy, but the fact is Rajeev Phiroj Shah ( fake Gandhi) is directly
>>> involved, later it was honest PM of the present day along with
>>> Chidambaram
>>> and kamalnath cleared the deck for DOW chemicals thanks to the legal
>>> opinion
>>> of another loyalist and clever and cunning spokesperson, Abhishek Manu
>>> Singhvi,that Warren Anderson could become the absconder. !
>>> By the way, today the next generation might not even know the roles of
>>> renuka Choudhary, Ambika Soni, maneka and Jayanthi natarajan
>>> who danced on the table of justice Shah commisssion to disturb the
>>> proceedings of emergency excesses, today being rewarded as family
>>> courtesans!.
>>> By the way, why is it that Shashi Tharoor got the MP from a safe seat,
>>> the
>>> facts are simple, he was the person who got the 300 thousand oil coupons
>>> for
>>> Congress and natwar singh and cronies of Congress.Each got hefty
>>> benmefits
>>> in this scam just like kofi annan and his son.!Not that America does not
>>> know these facts, but they use it for their national interest and indian
>>> leaders use the benefits for their own interest not national interest.
>>> in another ten or fifteen years when some civil N-plant gets in to larger
>>> radiation leaks, this honest PM will be extending the benefits to his
>>> progeny and the Congress first family with N-deal, No liablity bill will
>>> have enough in the kitty to stay outof the nation, if needed.
>>> To get more transparent governance, only solution to stop corruption at
>>> high
>>> places is
>>> to declassify all the archive SECRET documents like all responsible
>>> democracies of the world. india is one democracy that has not
>>> de-classified
>>> its archive documents as this would expose the good and bad actions in
>>> governance by all those in governance.ALSO, it will give an  opportunity
>>> to
>>> see the human faultlines of all those in governance, mistakes, omissions
>>> and
>>> commissions made in decision making of the governance so that such can be
>>> avoided for future. But alas, we the citizens of India are not least
>>> concerned about the debauch, corrupt images of our leaders in all walks
>>> of
>>> life as we are fed with sanitized, clean and censored version of these
>>> leaders in governance.!
>>> regards,
>>> rajen.
>>>    On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 12:24 PM, Bipin Trivedi <aliens at dataone.in>
>>> wrote:
>>> > Yes Rajen, I agree that you have never said that Bhopal tragedy was
>>> > communal
>>> > attack. But, someone might have misunderstood it or why predicted that
>>> way
>>> > I
>>> > don’t know.
>>> >
>>> > For this whole tragedy, congress is totally responsible for this mishap
>>> and
>>> > legal meshed up thereafter. Main culprit are so called veteran leader
>>> Arjun
>>> > Singh, Salman Khurshid of congress since they were in power at that
>>> time,
>>> > Justice Ahmedi who is now proved having lowest level of ethics/moral
>>> values
>>> > and perhaps most corrupted judge.
>>> >
>>> > Today’s news flash shows that congress swiftly taken out their hand
>>> from
>>> > this whole tragedy by saying there is no role of central govt. but
>>> state
>>> > govt. is responsible for whole episode and put onus fully on Arjun
>>> Singh
>>> > but
>>> > he kept mum till time. Let us wait for his comment in the issue. Might
>>> be
>>> > Arjun Singh was just following verbal order from their high command and
>>> > obviously one cannot prove it, even Arjun Singh also.
>>> >
>>> > Our laws are very poor to handle such mishaps, terrorism, hard core
>>> > criminal
>>> > activities. We need very much stricter laws for such incidences. But
>>> > congress never shown any such will in his long rule after independence,
>>> but
>>> > remove stricter laws like POTA for reason everyone knows. We need very
>>> > strict laws to handle all such things and courts are giving verdict
>>> binding
>>> > with present legal structure. If they wish to give hard punishment than
>>> > also
>>> > they cannot pass justice of their own since they are binding with the
>>> laws.
>>> >
>>> > Thanks
>>> > Bipin
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > From: Rajendra Bhat Uppinangadi [mailto:rajen786uppinangady at gmail.com]
>>> > Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 10:48 PM
>>> > To: Bipin Trivedi
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>>> > Subject: Re: BHOPAL TRAGEDY
>>> >
>>> > Bipin,
>>> > where did I say that bhopal tragic incident was a communal attack, I
>>> > reiterate, the victims were mostly muslims, and the affected were poor
>>> > muslims, but I see it as human tragedy, messed up by the system of
>>> > governance, and can you imagine who are the villains in the whole
>>> tragedy,
>>> > here are the details for all to ponder over:
>>> >
>>> > Arjun Singh, the Chief minister of the stste, saw to it that arrested
>>> > warren
>>> > anderson is released and transported to delhi from guest house by CM's
>>> > plane, to onward journet to america,Justice Ahmedi, former Chief
>>> Justice of
>>> > india, diluted the charges from 304  to 304 A, and became rewarded
>>> person
>>> > being the trustee of the 87 million dollars trust of the funds meant
>>> for
>>> > the
>>> > victims so that none to ask accountability of disbursement.!
>>> > CBI was asked not to follow up the extradition work of Warren Anderson
>>> by
>>> > none other than salman Khursheed, minister of state, Ministry of
>>> external
>>> > affairs,and all of these gentlemen are either "muslims" or champions
>>> who
>>> > stste that they are messiahs for the downtrodden, poor and minorities.!
>>> > Who are struggling for justice, the facts are, not Teesta, not Memon
>>> the
>>> > advocate,but selfless work of the many who are hindus.! So the
>>> individuals
>>> > who say that hindus are intolerent should learn to observe the double
>>> game
>>> > played by the oldest party in harassing muslims, seeing to it that they
>>> do
>>> > not even get compensation in even pittance, under the able Justice
>>> ahmedi
>>> > who is trustee of $87 million trust set up as part of the deal struck
>>> with
>>> > union carbide.
>>> > Now, again, a committee is formed to further delay, then another
>>> committee
>>> > will be to suggest methods of implementation of the compensation and
>>> then
>>> > one more for accommodating the useless, spineless CBI officers, who are
>>> > retired to supervise the cover ups, is all we can expect as common
>>> citizens
>>> > in the democratic governance from the system.!
>>> >
>>> > Honest PM when went for world bank work, came back as lapdog of Bush,
>>> went
>>> > ahead with n-deal of civil Nuclear use, now, without much debate wants
>>> the
>>> > No liabilty bill for the suppliers of plants from the suppliers as he
>>> has
>>> > only to gain for the first family, and his hefty pension from world
>>> bank.
>>> > montek is another babu who even after retirement is in a position to
>>> take
>>> > care of american interests and not indian safeguards for the citizens
>>> of
>>> > india. Just watch and enjoy.!
>>> > love and regards,rajen.
>>> > On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 4:47 PM, Bipin Trivedi <aliens at dataone.in>
>>> wrote:
>>> > Dear Rajendra,
>>> >
>>> > Have you said that Bhopal tragedy is communal attack? I don’t think it
>>> so.
>>> > Muslims were more victims in this tragedy that is what you have
>>> mentioned.
>>> > Habit to see everything in communal eye is strange thing.
>>> >
>>> > Thanks
>>> > Bipin
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > --
>>> > Rajen.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> --
>>> Rajen.
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