[Reader-list] Gujarat's secular development

Bipin Trivedi aliens at dataone.in
Sun Jun 13 19:37:10 IST 2010

Dear Rakesh,

When you don't want to believe recent Sachar Committee report about Muslims
of Gujarat there is no point to discuss further in the matter. Many
journalists and people of India visiting Gujarat regularly and no one has
yet oppose the Sachar committee report and not even congress leaders except
the people like you! There is no question to waste time and energy to
discuss in the issue. I doubt that someone like you will try to publish the
theory that BJP has managed Justice Sachar to have such report!!!

Modi has guts to give answer and appear before SIT appointed by SC for about
5 hours and told to co-operate further in the matter if required. Actually
you people don't have guts to accept such things and argue unnecessarily in
only one point program of Gujarat. I was listening the gramophone records on
earlier days and when some scratches was there it sticks there and repeating
one word/line only, the same thing applicable for people like you. Stick to
one point agenda or topic only even when discussion of other topic also
Gujarat topic comes always in the discussion.

Normally everyone expect sorry from Sonia Gandhi rather than Manmohan Singh,
Since sorry from Manmohan Singh is of no use as he was not at all in
congress or politics at that time. Since it was her family matter and due to
her family only she is in this position today, so sorry from her is more
important, though she was not in active politics at that time. So, argument
itself is irrelevant. We have already discussed about Gujarat pogrom and
explained you in various angle so there is no use to discuss it again and
waste my energy. You are free to post whatever you want to. Only one
sentence I want to tell that if coach burnt incident was not there than riot
also will not be there. So it is wrong to blame that riot is state
sponsored. That was spontaneous. 

There are so many isms in India like Marathaism, tamilism, dravidism,
teluguism, bengalism, Islamism and so we lack Nationalism and this is the
problem today that this regionalism is biggest hindrance to grow India
healthily. Gujarat has no ism, no regional parties and that is the reason
Gujarat is well ahead in progress than other states.


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To: Bipin Trivedi
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Subject: Re: [Reader-list] Gujarat's secular development

Indeed, Gujarat has a secular development, which was being showcased by
Narendra Modi (or his sympathizers at least) in the form of ads published in
Bihar papers, which interestingly had a photo of girls learning computer
education. Sadly for whoever got the advertisement published, truth emerged
that the photos were of a college in Azamgarh and not in Gujarat, neither
were the girls Gujarati or sent by the Gujarat govt. to Azamgarh as part of
a scholarship. 

It would be interesting if the Gujarat govt. does showcase this secular
development in the form of encouraging journalists and other ordinary
citizens to come to Gujarat and see for themselves the condition of Muslims,
rather than sympathizers of Modi putting out such dubious ads in newspapers.

The biggest problem with the Gujarat govt. including Modi is that they don't
have the guts to give answers, but instead point to the wrong questions.
When somebody asks about justice for post-Godhra victims, Modi turns to the
agricultural growth of the state. This is extremely dubious. After all, if a
state has positive agricultural growth (which is indeed an achievement), why
should we be questioning Modi at all on it? Just to ensure he gets
publicity? Any politician or public authority is questioned for the wrong or
controversial decisions he/she had taken at some point of time. Instead of
having the guts and the conviction to answer the truth and accept one's own
mistakes, Modi and his sympathizers and partymen only parrot the positives
as if Narendra Modi is God who can do no wrong. 

They yet don't have the guts to say sorry for what happened in 2002, when
ironically a Manmohan Singh (who had no control over what happened in 1984),
said sorry for 1984. The 'sorry' won't mean justice has been done, but the
'sorry' indeed will be a big change as it will mean a reflection on the fact
that irrespective of their belief that Muslims are traitors or are not
patriotic to the Indian nationhood, a RSS-karyakarta-turned CM would have
accepted that he failed in protecting their lives as Indian citizens and
violated the Indian constitution in that manner, and that he promises that
such a thing will never happen in future. But he won't say sorry, because he
hardly cares about those who died, and it would instead affect his public
image in Gujarat as a Hindutva hardliner. 

It is indeed wrong when we bring every question of Gujarat's development
back to 2002. But to forget 2002 would be dubious because what Modi has done
and got away with will encourage other CM's also to do the same and win
elections on the dead bodies of people. Modi would have himself been
encouraged by the 1984 pogrom organized by Congress which got away with it.
Therefore, it's time people like Modi are taken to task for having messed
around with the Indian criminal judicial system and the lives of innocents. 

By the way, Shiv Sena constructed many mosques after coming to power in
Maharashtra (on the plank of having 'protected Hindus'). That doesn't
absolve them of what they did before coming to power, i.e. killing
innocents. Your good deeds can't absolve you of your bad ones. And that
should be understood clearly. 


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