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Mon Jun 14 11:42:19 IST 2010


Perhaps, this is your point of reference Bipin ji, but he's thanking after a
decade. Is it really from the bottom of his heart or election gimmick?


"He took the opportunity to thank people of Bihar for their help to his
state during the 2001 earthquake.

Modi said: *"Aaj 2001 ke us ghatna ke baad, jab pehli baar robarroo aaya
hoon, main Bihar ke madad ke liye man se dhanyavad karta hoon."* (Today
after 2001, this is the first time I have come together with Bihar. And, I
would like to thank them with all sincerity for the help they provided.)"

thanks Anupam

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 10:21 AM, anupam chakravartty <c.anupam at gmail.com>wrote:

> Precisely, when did Modi administration thank Bihar government for
> providing funds during earthquake? Could you please enlighten us Bipin
> Trivedi.
> thanks anupam
> On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 9:36 PM, Bipin Trivedi <aliens at dataone.in> wrote:
>> Announcement of Kosi fund allotment was noticed immediately and criticized
>> without any delay, but announcement of thanking Bihar people for earth
>> quake
>> relief fund not noticed even.
>> Since Nitishkumar told earlier to sent back the unused relief fund
>> received
>> from Gujarat, Modi mention that Kosi fund topic in the speech. If
>> Nitishkumar not told that in public it would have not been there in the
>> speech. Since there is malicious propaganda from some people against
>> Gujarat
>> and Modi, one has to take extra effort by way banner publicity and what is
>> wrong with it. Anywhere before election, banners/photo by way of ad used
>> by
>> all the political parties. So, they are preparing for election coming in
>> Bihar well in advance, what is the problem with it.
>> I am not here for getting any RATNA, but I love Gujarat along with India
>> and
>> so I am keeping my honest real views and giving my extra effort to revert
>> so
>> called tarnished image of Gujarat created with false propaganda.
>> Thanks
>> Bipin
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