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Dear Dsouza,

You are predicting non-issue. It is absolutely wrong prediction that Cinema
theater will ask for your UID card to swipe while entering. No theater owner
will prefer to make this practice unless some solid concrete situation. It
will lead to boycott that theater. 

As I have mentioned earlier, UID is necessary today for illegal migration,
terrorists' infiltration and population explode. 

You are worried about true individual freedom, but when India is under
tremendous terrorist threat and heavy infiltration threat on the borders and
in that case do you think that freedom of this kind help anyway and protect
you from the threat? It is better to give up little freedom (as you presume,
but actually it is not) for UID card rather give up our life or constantly
live under such terrorist threat.

Illegal migration allowed by so called secular politician for sake of their
vote bank at Bangladesh borders is biggest threat today we are facing and if
it is not stopped India population will cross 2 billion in few decades. In
that case Indian people position will be even worse and to improve HDI is
remote possibility.

When the population explodes is there and to handle this large population
systematically, UID notification is necessity today.

Looking to all the above don't you think we should use our available
technology to ease all above threats and make the system easily assessable
to reach the people for their benefit.


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Dear Bipin

Forget the spiel of helping others..

Would you like to walk into a cinema theatre to watch your favourite
movie and be asked to swipe ur UID to keep out the gratuitous groping
and then realise that u had just been to a rally where the police had
allowed you to peacefully demonstrate only if you would oblige with a
little card swipe or a fingerprint impression ?

And when you realise what a wrong strategic decision that rally had
been, would you breathe easy every time the hero in the movie is
tapped over the shoulder or has midnight raps on his door?

I suspect you would not .. neither would any of "us" .. nor would
"they" .. so for your own good, think for yourself .. and do not miss
propaganda for truth .. or bullc*@# for fact ..


On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 10:01 PM, Bipin Trivedi <aliens at dataone.in> wrote:
> Dear Dsouza,
> I have series of posting in this list on UID project benefit, why it is
necessary and hope you must have read it.
> Thanks
> Bipin
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> This has been posted earlier, but won't hurt reaching more people
> It is really disgusting to see that this document has been kept out of
> reach of the RTI Act, especially since it is of such significance ..
> Also, there seems to be absolutely no debate on the real implications
> of the project and its Nazi-style high handedness .. While the UK has
> moved to axe their proposed scheme calling it, "intrusive, bullying
> and ineffective", there is no reason why the same description would
> not apply to India's version of the scheme .. Especially given our
> spectacular regard for individual privacy and rights ..
> While on the document, it is shocking to say the least .. Quite
> blatantly (and hilariously), it is mentioned that "The UIDAI is only
> in the identity "business"." Like every "business", what is very clear
> is its 'revenue model' ..
> "By providing identity authentication, the UIDAI will be taking on a
> process that costs agencies and service providers hundreds of crores
> every year. The Authority will charge a fee for its authentication
> services, which will offset its long-term costs."
> A line like this would have had a nation in furore, considering that a
> government plans to make money out of citizens' personal data .. But
> seems like our media watchdogs have been served healthy tranquiliser
> doses to let this one pass by ..
> Again not to mention the demeaning reduction of every person's
> identity to a number .. "The UID will be a random number." .. Worse
> since they seem to be targeting the "poor and rural" initially ..
> Obviously the weakest line of attack first, as is obvious in their
> claim .. "the Authority expects initial enrolment to be fairly rapid
> in both large and small rural areas" ..
> The Big Brother-ness gets worse from there on "It may be mandated that
> at the time of joining school (first standard) it is necessary for
> children to have a UID or to enrol for one. This way the child can be
> tracked for progress and targeted for direct benefits." .... "concept
> of Universal Child Tracking - the ability to track every child and
> ensure their all round development - is gaining ground " .. Is this
> language really fair to pass by ? Is this compatible with ideals of
> 'individual freedom' that the West loves to dole out to us, and that
> we lap up hungrily when it is convenient?
> It is indeed instructive to listen to what Charlie Skelton, the
> Guardian reporter who attempted to infiltrate the secretive Bilderberg
> Group at last years meeting had to say .. Leave it to him for the last
> words .. It is up to all of us to act upon this .. now ..
> "I have spent the week living in a nightmare possible future and many
> different terrible pasts. I have had the very tiniest glimpse into a
> world of spot checks and unchecked security powers. And it has left me
> shaken. It has left me, literally, bruised.
> I can tell you this from personal experience: the onus upon the
> individual to carry with them some external proof of their identity is
> transformative of his or her status as a human being. The identity
> card turns you from a free citizen into a suspect. It is a spanner
> with which to beat the individual around the head. It is the end of
> everything. And how much easier to put all that information inside a
> microchip so you don't have to carry around that pesky card all the
> time. How much more efficient!
> Listen. I don't care if you don't love liberty. For the love of
> yourself: fight identity cards. Don't let them happen. STOP IDENTITY
> CARDS. Stop identity cards. And while you're about it: stop identity
> cards."
> --
> " .. perhaps in the same sense I want a civilisation in which
> 'progress' is not definable as making the world safe for little fat
> men." Orwell
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" .. perhaps in the same sense I want a civilisation in which
'progress' is not definable as making the world safe for little fat
men." Orwell

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