[Reader-list] dehli caste honour killing

Bipin Trivedi aliens at dataone.in
Thu Jun 17 18:13:02 IST 2010

It is unfortunate that such scenes are common in India and nation divided in caste and religion. As usual BBC wants to highlight negative side of India only and swiftly ignore positive side of India.

Unfortunately caste and religion are rooted since ancient times in Indian people. Regional parties and regional leaders adds fuel to it instead of watering it. Even reservation policy adds much more fuel to it. Since, to get reservation benefit, they don’t want to come out from their caste. Some Political parties and few politicians understand this but who will take initiatives for reforms since whoever take initiatives will lose heavily in the election at initial stage and benefit of such reform will take much longer time. Of course it will be much beneficial in the long run.

It is little relief that such casteism reduced nowadays in India compared to previous days.


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surprised no Pawan, KK, or Bipin are interested in commenting.

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