[Reader-list] dehli caste honour killing

Rakesh Iyer rakesh.rnbdj at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 19:05:10 IST 2010

No surprises Bipin bhai, considering your attitude about Gujarat. Waise when
you talk about pride of Gujarat and find faults with us, I remember a saying
repeated by a variety of people ranging from Jesus Christ to Mahatma Gandhi:

Before seeing the speck (fault) in someone else's eye, clear the speck of
your eye.

May be it's time we correct ourselves and find the truth about our own
nation and solve our problems rather than worrying about attitudes. The BBC
to my knowledge has been far more measured in its opinion of India than what
the newspapers of India frequently indulge in. Infact, some of the best
reporting about India can be found in media agencies which are based outside
India but send their correspondents here, like the BBC, Reuters and
surprisingly, Al-Jazeera (the little they put about India, that is).

The only Indian paper I liked to an extent (and I am unhappy and angry that
they don't comment on the Left as well), is the Hindu. We need a paper like
that but without a Communist party supporting it.


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